Suhe Teahouse offering a respite from the summer heat

Suhe Teahouse offering a respite from the summer heat Ti Gong

The Suhe Teahouse will be open through August 11.

Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape along Suzhou Creek, a quaint teahouse has opened its doors as a respite from scorching summer days.

Suhe Teahouse, at the sunken plaza of Shanghai Suhewan MIXC World’s west zone, will open through August 11.

On entering, visitors are greeted by a 5.5-meter-high waterfall cascading against lush trees and bamboo. Surrounded by the meandering stream and wisps of curling smoke, one feels transported into a dynamic Eastern scene.

Bamboo chairs and tables are placed along the tranquil stream, inviting guests to recline under the cool shade of canopies. Here they can sip beverages purchased from various vendors nearby.

Over the period, the teahouse will provide three traditional Chinese cultural experiences: lacquer fan craftsmanship on July 13, traditional tie-dyeing on July 27, and mother-of-pearl inlay on August 10. There will also be more than ten night running events.

Suhe Teahouse is one of the highlights of the “Summer Cool-Down” season of Shanghai Suhewan MIXC World, as well as part of the citywide “Shanghai Summer” International Consumption Season.

Suhe Teahouse offering a respite from the summer heat Ti Gong

Suhe Teahouse offers a respite during hot days.

Through July 31, the mall is offering free parking from 8pm to 2am next day.

Several restaurants and bars have extended their operation hours, and some are offering bilingual menus to cater to international guests, such as the local outlet of the Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan, fancy Western restaurant BoboLEE, popular hotpot chain Coucou, coffee brands %Arabica Coffee and Manner, and bakeries Fascino and Luneurs.

Other highlights in the mall include a solo exhibition of illustrator Oamul at the historic Tianhou Palace, the city’s largest temple to Mazu (goddess of the sea) that dates back to the late 19th century.

It will run through July 14, showcasing intricate daily scenes through delicate perspectives to evoke warm memories.

On display at the UArt Center of Shenyuli shikumen-style complex is an exhibition by graduates of top domestic art institutions, such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, and the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. It will run through September 23.

Suhe Teahouse offering a respite from the summer heat Ti Gong,


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