Study in Yangtze University 8: YU outstanding foreign graduate student – SEIN LAI LAI AUNG

Study in Yangtze University 8: YU outstanding foreign graduate student – SEIN LAI LAI AUNG

Editor: SEIN LAI LAI AUNG is a wonderful girl now study in Yangtze University. Today let’s have her story.

SEIN LAI LAI AUNG from Myanmar, study in Yangtze University

Hello, everyone. My name is SEIN LAI LAI AUNG from Myanmar (Burma) and my Chinese name is 江月. I first became a student at Yangtze University in 2017, studying Plant Protection on School of Agriculture, Jingzhou campus. This was one of the best things I have ever done, meeting new friends, making memories and getting my degree was a huge achievement, my graduation day in 2020 was one of my happiest ever! At the present time, I’m studying as a PhD student in the School of Agriculture, Yangtze University with the help of Chinese Government Scholarship. 

Today, China is the world’s largest importer of agricultural products. Rich technologies of China are supporting adventures that develop and agricultural sustainable, post-harvest and storage processing with saving costs, increased yields and local capture for farmers. Plant protection against crop diseases, insect pests and noxious weeds is necessary to ensure high-quality crop productions and foods safety.

I chose the research direction is plant protection because I want to become a qualified professional, who can truly helpful to farmer lives and well-being. I really feel like becoming a mycologist will be meaningful with the supervision of Prof. Zhou Yi and Prof. Deng Jianxin.

I am getting a pleasure from the research, as it is very interesting learning about microbiology. Research is challenging, and it can be very hard at times, however mentor and colleagues are very happy to guide me, help and answer questions. I really appreciated to Prof. Zhou and Prof. Deng motivates me at every stages of the research work. Because of their positive feedback, encourages and kindly supports, I hope to become a research student who is full of confident in research field.

Our student life in Yangtze University is rich, colorful and fulfilling. Furthermore, university has offered various fully equipped facilities for the convenience of students for extra time sports and cultural activities. If you decide to study in China, you will be embarking a new journey of study life and you will not regret in your decision. If you study at YU, you will find campus life in here vibrant and welcoming with many opportunities to get involved in events and activities that might attract and interest you.

In near future, your new environment will be trained to be more independence, flexible, enjoy the unexpected and meeting new people and cultures from many countries around you. As for me, I do cherish every moments of YU and also strongly believe that I’ll have a great and precious time during my PhD journey in YU. At the end of the education period, I believed it will be implemented to disseminate the agricultural technologies to farmers and agronomists in Myanmar. I hope all of you to study at Yangtze University to make your dream come true. 

Research Publication:

1. First report of Leaf Spot disease Caused by Alternaria japonica on Orychophragmus violaceus in China(SCI) 

2. Morphology and Molecular Characterization of a Fungus from the Alternaria alternata Species Complex Causing Black Spots on Pyrus sinkiangensis (SCI)

3.Alternaria hydrangeae sp. nov. (Ascomycota: Pleosporaceae) from Hydrangea paniculata in China(SCI) 

4.Multigene phylogeny and morphology of Alternaria reveal a novel species and a new record in China(SCI)

5. First report of fruit rot caused by Botrytis eucalpti on Citrus sinensis China(SCI) 

6. First report of Alternaria blumae causing leaf blight on Tomato in Myanmar(SCI)

7. Morphological, molecular characterization and pathogenicity of Alternaria gaisen associated with leaf brown-spot in ‘gonggan’ mandarin in China(SCI)  

Source: Yangtze University

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