Study in Yangtze University 6: YU outstanding foreign graduate student – ZIN MAR NWE

Study in Yangtze University 6: YU outstanding foreign graduate student – ZIN MAR NWE

Study in Yangtze University 6: ZIN MAR NWE from Myanmar.

I am ZIN MAR NWE from Myanmar. I worked at the Plant Protection Division, Department of Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. Now I am pursuing the Master student major in Plant Protection, School of Agriculture, Yangtze University.

Study in Yangtze University 6: ZIN MAR NWE from Myanmar

In August 2021, I received an acceptance letter from Yangtze University and it was the beginning of the big expedition. I am attending the class from September 2021 until now via online according to the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe that one day I can study practically at Yangtze University. 

After getting admission I was able to get in touch with my Supervisor, Professor Deng Jianxin, who was equally patient and kind in explaining how the academic study would go. I would like to thank Professor Deng Jianxin, who accepts me as a master student under his supervision. 

All teachers in School of Agriculture and School of International Education are warm-hearted, helpful, and kind which helped me to complete my master’s course.

Being a master student interested in Fungal Plant Pathology, an incredible opportunity to study in China was not only advanced technology but also skillful languages. It is the marvelous blessing in my life. 

My future plan is to go back to my country to continue to do my work which I have advanced technology concerns with Fungal Plant Pathology and properly the knowledge and skills I gained during my master degree study in Yangtze University. I will do my  best to promote the field of plant protection in Myanmar. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity to study abroad, as this is a magnificent experience for a person who is studying language in China.  It will be a glory for the alumni of Yangtze University after 3 years and then I will make a contribution to the friendship of China-Myanmar .

I would like to thank my seniors AYE AY HTUN and SEIN LAI LAI AUNG who attended in Yangtze University recommended to me that it is a comprehensive institution of higher learning with strong support and a warm and friendly environment. Both of them published scientific papers in the SCI journal. They are pursuing their doctor’s degree now, and they really set a good example for me. I will make use of  the precious 3 years in YU and make great progress in academic study. I also highly recommend it for approaching students who want to study different programs of agriculture in YU.

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