Impressive: int’l student sold China machinery in homeland, monthly sales volume of over 4,000 sets

Impressive: int'l student sold China machinery in homeland, monthly sales volume of over 4,000 sets
Le Van Quan drives farm equipment made in China in the field. (Photo/Global People)

Student sold China machinery. Le Van Quan, a young Vietnamese, has successfully promoted China’s agricultural machinery in Vietnam together with his Chinese business partner, which has helped local farmers with their farm work and won him the Silk Road Friendship Award, an honor that was bestowed by the China International Cultural Exchange Center in 2020.

At present, Vietnam Uu Nong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd, the company Le works for has a monthly sales volume of over 4,000 sets of equipment, and has reached clients in over 60 provinces and cities in Vietnam. 

He made special adjustments to China’s agricultural machinery to better meet the needs of Vietnamese farmers. Besides, he extended after-sales services by three to five years, and responded to clients’ demands in a timely manner. He also promoted the products on social media platforms, introducing the equipment with short videos and sharing information about assembling, maintaining and repairing the equipment, which has greatly increased the profile of China’s agricultural machinery in Vietnam. Thanks to the online platforms, the business of the company flourished despite the pandemic, with some equipment having even been sold out. 

Student sold China machinery

When Le was in high school in Vietnam, he worked as an informal worker in a seed processing factory set up by a Chinese businessman, Luo Yunfei, so that his mother who worked there could take care of his sick father. This prompted Luo to sponsor the young man to study in China. 

Therefore, Le, who was from a poor family, was able to embark on a new journey after he graduated from high school in 2010. He studied Chinese at Tianjin University in north China’s Tianjin for a year, and then pursued a bachelor degree in international trade at Guizhou University in southwest China’s Guizhou Province. Le acquired knowledge, skills, and a better vision during his six-year study journey in China. 

While Le worked for a transnational company upon returning to Vietnam, his benefactor Luo realized the potential of the agricultural machinery business in Vietnam, and set up Vietnam uu nong agricultural machinery co., ltd to sell China’s high-quality agricultural machinery in the Southeast Asian country. 

When Le was young, there was little agricultural machinery available and his father had to toil painstakingly in the fields. Le was confident that China’s agricultural machinery would save farmers from exhausting labor and increase their incomes, and saw it as a good career choice, so he joined Luo’s agricultural machinery company as its general manager – leading to great future successes for himself and the company.

Related Company: China National Construction & Agricultural Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CAMC)

China National Construction & Agricultural Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CAMC) was incorporated in January 1982 with a registered capital of RMB 260 million and registered address of Haidian District, Beijing. The corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (CAMCE) which, established in May 2001 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 2006, is affiliated to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). With offices around the globe, CAMCE’s business mainly consists of international project contracting and domestic and overseas investment as well as trade, covering industry, agriculture, water utilities, power, transportation, energy, and real estate.

Main Business: Frozen meat、Non-transgenic grain & oil、Agriculture products、Others.

Main Resources: The company possesses more than 30 subsidiaries and representative offices in more than 50 countries and regions and possesses extensive government-business relations, product resources and channel resources. With its strong ability of international resources integration and financing capacity, it has established a long-term strategic partnership established with many well-known domestic and foreign traders, manufacturers.

Vision: Eyes on the future, the company will continue to accumulate expertise and brand strength, uphold integrity and pragmatic, and development and innovation, and strive to achieve its bright vision of “being a well-known international trade service providers”.


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