Stories About Dormitory Ayi 2022

Dormitory Ayis are wonderful in the University. Today we discuss stories about dormitory Ayi.

They, together with the canteen aunts and the security uncles, called “Big 3 on the university campus”.

They often sit in front of the dormitory doors and watch students go in and out.

Stories About Dormitory Ayi 2022

Occasionally they would walk around and chat with students.

They cut off the power at twelve o’clock on time.

They confiscate high-power electrical appliances.

At the same time, they have gentle and kind hearts.

We affectionately call them the dormitory mother.

Stories About Dormitory Ayi

Dormitory Ayis: usually middle-aged married women

Their job description: Responsible for the safety management of students, water and electricity, public property and public health management in the dormitory area.

Guardian of the nights

Every night, regardless of the windy or rainy.

No matter how much you don’t want to be separated from the lover outside.

Whether you are studying / shopping until late at night (actually going to bars, what you said is studying)

Ayi has been waiting for you to come back and never stopped.

Maybe you really can’t catch the door closing time.

You ring the doorbell of Ayi.

She will still get up and open the door for you with her pajamas.

After short blame, she told you “come back early next time!”

Far from your home, there is such a person worried about whether you can return to the dormitory safely.

There is only our night guardian, dormitory Ayi.

Dormitory Safety Officers

Do you want to pull electrical wires in your dormitory? no way!

Do you want to use high-power electrical appliances in your dormitory? May not!

Do the people outside want to enter the dormitory? No way!

Stories About Dormitory Ayi 2022
Source: Shandong University

The dorm Ayi is woman.

But when it comes to security issue, they are quite determined.

For maintenance/installation staff who want to enter the dormitory.

Ayi has to double-check their identities.

About the personal property of the students.

Ayi never slack off.

In addition, Ayi has to check security every day.

Checking if there are illegal items blocking access in the hallway.

Checking water and electricity for potential safety hazards.

Checking the garbage disposal area for sanitary problems.

For the students in the dormitory cooking hotpot.

Auntie is so cared about you.

The master key to everybody

“Ayi, I forgot my card/I lost it”

“Ayi, I don’t have my key and there’s no one in the dorm. Can you open the door for me?”

For those of you who always forget to bring your card and key

The Ayi is a light

She is a walking master key

Stories About Dormitory Ayi 2022

Although Ayi may nag you sometimes

But they still give you a key

Not forgeting to say something before you leave

“Remember to bring your card/key next time!”

Just like a mother

For students who left home to study abroad,

The dormitory Ayi is as warm as mother

She would get up in her pajamas and open the door for a classmate when he came home late

She reminds us to keep warm when it gets cold

Remind us we can get our hot water allowance this month

She also helps students when they are sick

Told to go to the school hospital in time to see the doctor

At the beginning of the holidays and as you prepare to leave school

Ayi has a word for you

“Be careful on the road.”

Many of the seniors who have graduated said

I miss the kind and fierce aunt of the dormitory Ayi.

Stories About Dormitory Ayi 2022

In common days

Although Ayi can’t remember everyone in the dorm

But we say “Nihao Ayi” as we go in and out.

Ayi will feel very warm

Ayi guarantees our livelihood while

Let’s try our best to bring some warmth to our Ayi.

Hope in the years of college

We all have fond memories of our dorm Ayi.

You can also share stories with your dorm Ayi in the comments.

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8 comment A文章作者 M管理员
  1. I borrowed the key from Ayi and didn’t return it. Then Ayi cut off the electricity in our room
    (I know it’s my fault, don’t blame me, thank you)

  2. Ayi is a group of people who can’t help bothering them during school and feel reluctant when leaving.

    At school, you will hate the weekly health inspection.
    Ayi will say: your room is too dirty! The pool wasn’t cleaned, the ground wasn’t dragged, etc.
    She made us upset when we are sleeping or playing games.
    But when remember it later.
    Without weekly supervision, we wouldn’t clean up so consciously.
    Everyone knows the situation of boys’ rooms 2333.

    What impressed me most was the last year’s graduation party, Ayis arranged a very fashion dance by themselves, which made us all boiling, ha ha ha!

    • ?

  3. Our school’s dormitory ayi had a special business mind.
    She charged students 10 yuan to wash clothes with a washing machine once in winter, and then slowly increased the price to 12.

  4. the Ayi in my building: fat, messy hair, not friendly at all.

  5. Ayi ‘a are the best 2nd mother we have in the dorm.
    They take care of us and are kind hearted .
    They are always greeting us in the morning .
    I usually sit with my dorm ayi’s to have a chit chat , they are very knowledgeable and friendly.
    They like to inform us about our hygiene and too keep our rooms clean so we stay healthy.
    If we find our self in trouble they do help us but also scold us so we don’t do again.
    They like to chit chat about our background and know about different cultures.

  6. I have been away from my house for more than 3 years and haven’t seen my mother and feel very lonely but i feel at home when i see my dorm ayi looking at me and smiling and asking if I have eaten or not or when i go out and she ask me if im going for my class or something it makes me realize a women is very fierce at heart but the innocence lies within … women cant stop Caring even if someone is not her close one my dorm ayi is the cutest and she also offers to eat ?

  7. Our Ayi is awesome. She gave zongzi to us.

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