Song of the Fisherman渔光曲

The pioneering work of Chinese film music


Chinese Name: 渔光曲

English Name: Song of the Fisherman, Yu Guang Qu

Composer: Ren Guang任光

Lyricist: An E安娥

Song of the Fisherman渔光曲
Song of the Fisherman

“Song of the Fisherman” is the theme song of the film “Song of the Fisherman”. It was composed by An E and Ren Guang in 1934.

The song affectionately sings the hard work and life of poor fishermen who have been drifting on the sea for many years in the old society, and truly reflects the fishermen’s sad and difficult mood.

Composition Story of “Song of the Fisherman”

In 1933, Cai Chusheng, director of Lianhua film company, began to shoot his self-made and directed film ” Song of the Fisherman “, which tells the tragic life of two generations of fishermen around a brother and sister of a fisherman’s family.

Song of the Fisherman渔光曲

In order to write this song well, composer Ren Guang especially went to Wusongkou, the estuary of the Yangtze River, to observe the fishing work of fishermen. Only then did he finally write this “Song of the Fisherman” full of melancholy and sadness with anger.

Song of the Fisherman渔光曲

The lyricist An E also made great contributions to the widespread singing of “Song of the Fisherman”. Previously, she and Nie Er jointly created the “Mai Bao Song” sung all over the Shanghai beach. This time, she wrote the lyrics for “Song of the Fisherman”, which still played a great tension of language and conveyed strong and sincere feelings in popular and simple language. An E combined her description of fishermen’s work and scenery to depict a simple and moving scene of work.

Song of the Fisherman渔光曲
Ren Guang任光
Song of the Fisherman渔光曲
An E 安娥

As a theme song, “Song of the Fisherman” is also used in the film with ingenuity. The song appeared three times in the film:

  • The first time, brother and sister played with their little friends in the countryside, and the melody of “Song of the Fisherman” was mixed with children’s laughter;
  • The second time, the brothers and sisters returned empty-handed from singing on the street. In order to make the blind mother happy, they were forced to laugh and sing this song;
  • The third time, my brother was seriously injured while fishing. Before he died, he asked my sister to sing their favorite “Song of the Fisherman” and left the world in the song.

In 1935, the film was also invited to participate in the Moscow International Film Festival, won a ninth place among more than 120 films, and became the first film in China to win a well-known international honor. The theme song “Song of the Fisherman” also went abroad with the footsteps of the film, and its moving melody was hummed by people all over the world.

The song “Song of the Fisherman” enhances the artistic appeal of the film, and the film helps to establish the artistic image of music. The two complement each other and achieve each other. The same is true at the industrial level: the industrial characteristics of film are conducive to the dissemination of film music, and excellent film music promotes the vigorous development of the film.

In the early days of audio films, the song “Song of the Fisherman” opened the door to Chinese film music. Making the film with music has become a trend. Under this trend of the times, Chinese film music has rapidly combined with Chinese urban song and dance music and developed into the main body of Chinese entertainment popular music.

Lyrics of “Song of the Fisherman”


Song of the Fisherman渔光曲 Sung by Bai Guang

Song of the Fisherman渔光曲 Sung by Peng Liyuan

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