Sichuan University 四川大学

Sichuan University 四川大学


Chinese Name: 四川大学

English Name: Sichuan University

Abbreviation: 川大(Chuanda); SCU

Established: 1896

Location: Chengdu


Sichuan University 四川大学
Sichuan University

Brief introduction of Sichuan University

Sichuan University (SCU) is a national key university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. It is a high-level research-oriented comprehensive university located in the western part of China. Sichuan University is located in Chengdu, the famous historical and cultural city of China, with three campuses, Wangjiang望江, Huaxi华西 campuses, and Jiang ‘an江安 campus, covering an area of 7,050 square meters and a building area of 2,694,000 square meters.

The former Sichuan University was founded in 1896 by Lu Chuanlin鹿传霖, governor of Sichuan province, under the special order of Guangxu光绪. It is the earliest modern university in southwest China.

Sichuan University 四川大学
National Sichuan University国立四川大学

The former Chengdu University of Science and Technology原成都科技大学 was one of the first multi-disciplinary engineering colleges established during the adjustment of colleges and departments in New China.  The former West China University of Medical Sciences originated原华西医科大学 from the West China Union University华西协合大学 founded in Chengdu成都 in 1910 by the Western Christian Church. It is the earliest Western university in southwest China and one of the earliest universities to train graduate students in China.  

In 1994, the former Sichuan University and the former Chengdu University of Science and Technology were merged to form Sichuan Union University. 

In 1998, when it was renamed Sichuan University, Jiang Zemin江泽民, Li Peng李鹏, and other state leaders wrote inscriptions on the merger of the two schools and placed great hopes on them.

In 2000, Sichuan University merged with the former West China Medical University原华西医科大学 to form the new Sichuan University.

Sichuan University 四川大学
Sichuan University campus view

Sichuan University is a national key university under the direct management of the Ministry of Education at the vice-ministerial level. Sichuan University is the earliest university in reform, has made historic contributions to the reform of China’s colleges and universities, and can be said to be the pioneer of the reform of the university system.

Education Achivements and Rankings

Sichuan University has a complete range of disciplines, covering 12 categories such as arts, science, engineering, medicine, economics, management, law, history, philosophy, agriculture, teaching, and art, and there are 35 discipline-based colleges (departments), graduate schools, overseas education colleges, and other colleges. The university is a degree authorization independent review unit, the existing doctoral degree authorized 47 first-level disciplines, 38 professional degree authorization points, 39 post-doctoral mobile stations, 46 national key disciplines, 4 national key cultivation disciplines, 45 national clinical key specialties, is the first batch of national engineering doctoral training units.

Sichuan University 四川大学
Sichuan University campus view

According to the information on the official website of the university in December 2015, since 2005, the university has won 34 national Science and Technology awards, among which, in 2007, it won two second prizes of National Natural Science awards;  In 2005, it won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress, which is the first time for Sichuan University to win this award in 17 years.  Since 2003, SCU has won 217 ministry and provincial science and technology achievement awards, including 8 first prizes awarded by the Ministry of Education in 2004, ranking joint first in the national university rankings. It has won 227 outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences of the ministry and provincial level.  

Sichuan University 四川大学
Sichuan University campus view

As of 2021, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked Sichuan University 133th in Asia and 14th in China with its teaching and research performance.

Academic Ranking of World Universities, also known as the “Shanghai Ranking”, placed Sichuan University 14th in China.

Sichuan University 四川大学
Sichuan University campus view

In terms of scientific and technological papers in the field of specialization, Sichuan University has 4 disciplines in which the number of SCI-included papers has entered the top 20 in the ranking of Chinese institutions.

At the same time, the quality of Sichuan University’s scientific and technological papers and international academic influence remains at a high level. West China Hospital of Sichuan University ranked first in the number of papers with “good performance” among medical institutions in China.  West China Stomatological Hospital ranks first in the number of papers with “good performance” in the field of stomatology in China.

Journalism新闻学: The courses include: Introduction to journalism, journalism Interview, journalism Writing, journalism editing, journalism review, journalism photography broadcasting theory, and business TV news in-depth reporting writing research, Mass communication advertising related professional knowledge.

Animation动画: The main courses include film and television drama, film and television sound, animation techniques, film and television animation creation, multimedia technology and application, and animation design.

Clinical临床医学: Courses include basic medicine, clinical medicine, medical cell biology, medical immunology, tissue embryology, physiology, medical microbiology, parasitology, pathology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, diagnostics, etc.

Stomatology口腔医学: The main courses are basic medicine, clinical medicine, oral medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, oral anatomy, and physiology.

Chinese Language and Literature汉语言文学: Courses include Introduction to Linguistics, Ancient Literature, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese, Philology, Phonology, Philology, Philology, etc.

Famous Alumni

Sichuan University is full of masters and famous teachers.  By the end of 2020, the university had 6,323 teaching and research posts.  There are 20 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 7 outstanding professors of Sichuan University, 58 recipients of the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 64 selected scholars of the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholars. 

Sichuan University 四川大学
Sichuan University campus view

Such as the senior research fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Li Qikang李其康, the president of China Vocational Education Association Chen Changzhi陈昌智, the professor of University of Wisconsin, USA Ruan Yongbin阮勇斌.

Sichuan University 四川大学
Li Qikang李其康
Sichuan University 四川大学
Ruan Yongbin阮勇斌

Sichuan University – Sichuan University (四川大学) of China

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