2024 National Academy of Chinese Opera will enroll foreign students for Master’s degree 2024年中国戏曲学院外国留学生硕士研究生招生简章

National Academy of Chinese Opera Theatre Arts (NACTA) is a higher education institution committed to nurturing exceptional artistic talents.
2024 National Academy of Chinese Opera will enroll foreign students for Master's degree  2024年中国戏曲学院外国留学生硕士研究生招生简章

National Academy of Chinese Opera

Master Degree Programs 2024/2025 AY

The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA) is a higher education institution committed to nurturing exceptional artistic talents. We provide various master’s degree programs, including M.A. and M.F.A., for international students interested in Chinese opera and theatre performance, music, directing, stage arts, cross-media arts, cross-cultural communication, and cultural industry management. Applications for the 2024/2025 programs are now open.

I. National Academy of Chinese Opera The Overall Goal of Our Programs

The overarching objective of our programs is to cultivate artistic talents characterized by exceptional creativity and competitiveness in their respective professional domains. Our graduates are fully equipped to thrive in cross-cultural workplaces and navigate the rapidly evolving global landscape. They possess a good understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese arts and culture and in-depth knowledge of a particular art form, demonstrating an international perspective. They can carry out independent comparative research and practice in a multi-artistic field.

II.National Academy of Chinese Opera Program Information

We offer full-time M.A. and M.F.A. programs at NACTA, each lasting three years. Applicants must submit their applications, along with necessary documentation and materials, via email as the initial step. Subsequently, upon assessing the academic and artistic proficiency of the applicants from their submissions, qualified individuals will be notified to participate in online interviews and auditions. Further information about the programs can be found in Attachment I and II.

2024 National Academy of Chinese Opera will enroll foreign students for Master's degree  2024年中国戏曲学院外国留学生硕士研究生招生简章

III.National Academy of Chinese Opera Eligibility for Application

Applicants must:

(i) be non-Chinese citizens in good health and possess a valid passport (with nationality corresponding to the country of passport issuance);

(ii) demonstrate moral integrity and have no criminal background;

(iii) hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher or provide a certificate of completion from advanced vocational education, community college education, or junior college education obtained before September 1, 2022. Alternatively, submit a certificate of completion of higher education. In the latter case, if applicants are undergraduates, they should furnish a confirmation letter from the host university/college affirming that the applicant will obtain the graduation certificate or bachelor’s degree by September 1, 2024;

(iv) attain a proficiency level of the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Band 5 or higher.

IV.National Academy of Chinese Opera Application Date

From January 15, 2024 to April 30, 2024.

V. Application Documentations and Materials

Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

(i) the page containing personal information from your valid passport;

(ii) a portrait photograph (3.5*5.3 cm, 413p*519p);

(iii) degree certificate or diploma of your highest educational level (if applicants are undergraduates, they should submit a confirmation letter from the host university/college stating that the applicant will receive the graduation certificate or bachelor’s degree by September 1, 2024);

(iv) transcript corresponding to the certificate or diploma in (iii);

(v) completed NACTA Application to Master Degree Programs;

(vi) Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing educational background, working background, awards, etc.;

(vii) research or practice plan ( 800 Chinese characters or 1000 English words);

(viii) certificate of HSK Level 5 or higher (Applicants without HSK Level 5 or higher must take the NACTA Entrance Test of Chinese Language online.);

(ix) recommendation letters from two professors or seasoned practitioners in your professional field;

(x) No-Crime-Background check letter from the local police;

(xi) medical checkup report conducted within the last six months;

(xii) Please refer to the additional application materials specified by the department offering the desired program in Attachments I and II. Submit scanned colour copies (in PDF or JPEG format) of the mentioned documents and materials by April 30, 2024, to [email protected]. If email attachment size limitations exist, please use https://wetransfer.com for video submissions or use other online cloud storage tools and send the download link to [email protected]. Applicants are responsible for the completeness and authenticity of the submitted documents, with potential impacts on their admission if any falsification or incompleteness is identified. All applications will be reviewed between May 1 and 13, 2024, and feedback emails will be sent to applicants around May 13, 2024.

VI.National Academy of Chinese Opera Interviews and Auditions

Applicants who receive an email containing the review feedback AND interview notification will participate in interviews and auditions conducted in Chinese. The sessions will occur online or on-site from May 27 to May 31, 2024.

VII.National Academy of Chinese Opera Enrollment

The admission decision will be based on applicants’ performance in interviews and auditions and their academic or artistic background demonstrated in the submitted documentation and materials. Only applicants who align well with the program requirements will receive an admission letter around June 20, 2024. Additionally, their enrollment guide packs and X1 visa application guides will be provided in July or early August 2024.

VIII.National Academy of Chinese Opera Registration

New students must register on campus in early September 2024 and undergo a medical check-up in Beijing, China. It is crucial for new students to note that all enrollments are subject to the approval of an appropriate visa as mandated by the National Immigration Administration of China. While we assist new students in applying for a visa X1 or transferring their valid stay permit into a study type, the National Immigration Administration retains the ultimate authority in all immigration-related matters. In cases where students cannot come to Beijing with an appropriate visa, we will address their situation by enrollment management regulations that outline procedures for maintaining student status at NACTA.

2024 National Academy of Chinese Opera will enroll foreign students for Master's degree  2024年中国戏曲学院外国留学生硕士研究生招生简章

IX.National Academy of Chinese Opera Tuition, Insurance and Accommodation

Test Fee: 800 CNY/new student

Tuition: 38000 CNY/academic year

Insurance: Minimum 800 CNY/year (expenses vary based on different insurance plans; detailed plans can be found at http://en.lxbx.net/)

International students can reside in the student dormitory at NACTA (cost varies depending on different room types, ranging from 900 CNY/year to 1,200 CNY/month) or choose alternative accommodation in Beijing, subject to written approval from NACTA.

X.National Academy of Chinese Opera Scholarship

We provide the International Student Scholarship funded by the Beijing Municipal Government to new and current students who demonstrate exceptional achievements in their interviews or study fields. The full scholarship amounts to 30,000 CNY per academic year, while the half scholarship is 15,000 CNY per academic year.

XI.National Academy of Chinese Opera Contact Us

Ms. Liu, Tel: 86-10-63337505

Email: [email protected]

Office of Admission for International Students

Address: No.400, Wanquansi Street, Fengtai District, Beijing, P.R.China

Admission Information:

(Chinese) https://www.nacta.edu.cn/xwgg/zsxx/lxszs/index.htm

(English) https://en.nacta.edu.cn/Admissions/Guideline/index.htm


I. M.A.Programs and Supervisors

II. M.F.A.Programs and Supervisors

III. NACTA Application to Master Degree Programs

2024 National Academy of Chinese Opera will enroll foreign students for Master's degree  2024年中国戏曲学院外国留学生硕士研究生招生简章






三、 申请条件






(2)本科学历或相当学历;应届本科生申请人需于2024年 9 月 1 日前取得上述类型的学历证书;









(二)2寸证件照(3.5*5.3 cm, 413*519像素);











上述所有材料请自行编号,并在申请截止日前通过电子邮件发送至[email protected],较大视频文件可通过 https://wetransfer.com/发送至上述邮箱,或上传材料至其它网络云存储工具并将下载链接发送至上述邮箱。申请人须保证所提交材料完整、真实且信息填写准确,如因材料不全、虚假或信息填写有误导致无法进入复试或复试后无法录取,相关后果由申请人个人承担。我校自2024年5月1日起对申请人材料进行审核,5月13日向申请人发送审核结果,审核通过的申请人将同时收到考试通知。













联系电话: 86-10-63337505

咨询邮箱:[email protected]



中文 https://www.nacta.edu.cn/xwgg/zsxx/lxszs/index.htm

英文 https://en.nacta.edu.cn/Admissions/Guideline/index.htm


1. 学术型硕士研究生招生专业目录、专业报考要求及导师名单

2. 艺术硕士专业学位研究生招生目录、专业报考要求及导师名单

3. 入学申请表



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