Liu Bang 刘邦

The founding emperor of the Western Han Dynasty


Chinese Name: 刘邦

English Name: Liu Bang

Other Names: Emperor Gaozu of Han汉高祖, Han Gaozu汉高祖

Born: 256 BCE (or 247 BCE)

Died: June 1, 195 BCE


Perish Qin and destroy Chu亡秦灭楚

Establish the Han Dynasty建立汉朝

Main Works:

Strong Wind Song大风歌

Hong Hu Song鸿鹄歌

Liu Bang 刘邦
Liu Bang刘邦

Brief Biography of Liu Bang

Liu Bang was an outstanding politician, strategist and military commander in Chinese history. He was the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty. He made outstanding contributions to the development of the Han nationality and the reunification of China.

In 256 BC (or 247 BC), Liu Bang was born in zhongyangli, Fengyi, Peijun (now Fengxian County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province)

Although Liu Bang’s grandfather was the Duke of Wei Guofeng (Fengyi order), at that time, the world was turbulent and society changed greatly. The Liu family was only a civilian engaged in agricultural production in the generation of Liu Bang’s parents.

Liu Bang doesn’t like working in the field, so he is often scolded by his father. Adults think Liu Bang has no ambition, can’t work and no income. But Liu Bang still goes his own way.

After entering the prime of life, Liu Bang passed the examination and became an official of the Qin Dynasty. He worked as a pavilion in Surabaya for a long time. He was very familiar with the officials of Peixian county and was a little famous locally.

In 209 BC, the peasant uprising broke out in the late Qin Dynasty. After Chen Sheng and Wu Guang led the uprising army to capture Chen County, Chen Sheng established the “Zhang Chu” regime, which was openly opposed to the Qin Dynasty.

Liu Bang also obeyed public opinion, set up altars, set up red flags, and called himself the Red Emperor. Soon the rebel army expanded to 3000.

As the army grew larger and larger, the rebels jointly destroyed the state of Qin, leaving the state of Chu and the state of Han. After the struggle between Chu and Han, they defeated Xiang Yu, king of Chu, and finally established the Han Dynasty.

Feast at Swan Goose Gate鸿门宴(i.e Hongmen Banquet)

Liu Bang and Xiang Yu attacked the Qin army respectively. Liu Bang first broke Xianyang (the capital of Qin Shihuang), but Liu Bang’s troops were less than Xiang Yu, so he had to garrison in Bashang.

Someone told Xiang Yu that Liu Bang was going to become king in Guanzhong. Xiang Yu was very angry and ordered his soldiers to defeat Liu Bang’s army the next morning.

A fierce battle is imminent.

Liu Bang was surprised to learn about this from Xiang Yu’s second father, Xiang Bo. Liu Bang respectfully offered Xiang Bo a glass of wine with both hands and made an appointment with his in laws.

Liu Bang’s feelings win over and persuade Xiang Bo. Xiang Bo agrees to intercede with Xiang Yu for Liu Bang and asks Liu Bang to thank Xiang Yu the next day.

Liu Bang 刘邦
Hongmen Banquet鸿门宴

At the Hongmen banquet, although there were many good wines and delicacies, there were hidden murders. Fan Zeng, Xiang Yu’s second father, has always advocated killing Liu Bang. At the banquet, he repeatedly signaled Xiang Yu to give orders, but Xiang Yu hesitated and refused in silence.

Fan Zengzhao Xiang Zhuang danced his sword to cheer up the banquet and wanted to take the opportunity to kill Liu Bang. In order to protect Liu Bang, Xiang Bo also drew his sword and danced to cover Liu Bang.

Liu Bang took the opportunity to leave.

Later generations referred to Hongmen banquet as a hidden killing opportunity.

Liu Bang and the Banquet at Hong Gate

Battle of Gaixia 垓下之战 between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu

In late October 203 BC, Liu Bang also moved eastward from Guling. The situation was extremely unfavorable to Chu, and Xiang Yu was forced to retreat to the southeast. Liu Bang and the vassal army jointly attacked the Chu army and fought a decisive battle with Xiang Yu under the ridge.

Liu Bang 刘邦
Battle of Gaixia垓下之战

The Han army was led by Han Xin, a total of 300000, and the Chu army was led by Xiang Yu, a total of about 100000. Han Xin led the former central army to confront Xiang Yu, which was unfavorable and retreated backward. General Kong and general Fei attacked the Chu army from the left and right sides. Han Xin took advantage of the situation to attack again and defeated the Chu army.

Xiang Yu was defeated by the Wujiang River. He felt ashamed to see his parents. Finally, he committed suicide and died at the age of 31.

Liu Bang 刘邦

The battle of Cuan was a decisive battle in the struggle between Chu and Han. It was not only the end of the struggle between Chu and Han, but also the starting point of the prosperity and prosperity of the Han Dynasty, but also a milestone turning point in Chinese history. It ended the scuffle in the late Qin Dynasty, unified China and laid the foundation of the Han Dynasty for 400 years.

Liu Bang – The Peasant Scoundrel Who Founded the Han Dynasty

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