How did you get admitted by China university?

How did you get admitted by China university?

Maybe you are now studying in China. So are you clear that how did you get admitted by China university?

Get admitted by China university: Totally the application procedures are:

  1. You make the decision to study in China
  2. Prepare those documents
  3. Submit documents, like online application
  4. Get admitted, maybe you need to pay some application fees
  5. Get hard copies of admission and jw201/ jw202 from China
  6. Apply visa
  7. Book air ticket to China
  8. Join university and registration

For the 4) step, get admitted. So how did you get admitted?

There are several organizations, but generally can be divided into 2 parts:

  • University departments;
  • Government departments.

For university departments, there are the admission departments (usually called school of international education), and the academic departments, like school of computer science.

For government departments, there are education authorities, and foreign affairs office.

So the procedure of how you get admitted:

1) The teachers of the International School of Education receive the materials and conduct a basic review, to confirm whether the materials are complete, whether the relevant scanned documents are clear enough, and whether the results meet the admission requirements. If the materials do not meet the requirements, the application can be returned or be rejected. There may also teachers from the academic departments to reviews. After passing these reviews, the preadmission notice can be made.

2) Then the teachers from the International School of Education will tell you to pay the application fee

3)The teacher continues to print the admission letter, which needs to be stamped with the school’s official seal

4)Apply for Form Jw201/Jw202. The Jw201/Jw202 form needs to be stamped by the university, local education authorities, and foreign affairs office. The jw201/jw202 form has 4 copies, usually you only take 1 copy;

How did you get admitted by China university?

5)The admission documentation procedure is now complete. The teacher will send the admission letter and jw201/jw202 form to your home address, and then you can proceed to apply for a visa.

How did you get admitted by China university?
X1 visa

All the above admission procedures may take 2 to 6 weeks.

Now everything clear?

If you want to know anything more about education in China, study in China, just comment here.


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