Complete Hainan University enrollment brochure for the “Hainan Provincial Government International Student Scholarship” program for the academic year 2024-2025

The post is about Hainan University enrollment brochure for academic year 2024-2025. (Admission brochure)

The post is about Hainan University enrollment brochure for academic year 2024-2025. (Admission brochure)

About Hainan University

Complete Hainan University enrollment brochure for the "Hainan Provincial Government International Student Scholarship" program for the academic year 2024-2025
Logo of Hainan University


Hainan University is a comprehensive key university formed by a merger with the former South China University of Tropical Agriculture in August 2007. It is jointly administered by the Ministry of Education and Hainan Provincial People’s Government, and is part of national “Double First-Class” initiative. 


HNU hosts 10 post-doctoral R&D bases, 13 first-level discipline doctorate programs, 1 professional doctoral program, 33 first-level-discipline master’s degree programs and 24 professional master’s degree programs. There are1 discipline listed in the world First-Class Discipline Construction Plan (Crop Science) and 8 disciplines(Plant and Animal Science, Material Science, Chemistry, agricultural Science, and engineering, Environmental Science/Ecology, Biology and Biochemistry, Social Sciences, General) entered among the top 1% of ESI.

Its faculty has more than 2800 members,  including 66 jointly-academicians, Distinguished YoungScholars. Between 2017 and 2022, Hainan University ranked 49th nationally in terms of total growth and 5th in terms of growth rate. 


Hainan University is entrusted with enrolling International students sponsored by the Hainan Provincial Government. Prospective students and scholars from foreign countries are welcome to apply for the Hainan Provincial Government Scholarship to study at Hainan University. 

Complete Hainan University enrollment brochure for the "Hainan Provincial Government International Student Scholarship" program for the academic year 2024-2025

I . Hainan University enrollment brochure: Supporting Categories


The Hainan Provincial Government International Students Scholarship is for prospective international students who wish to study at Hainan University for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree. 该项目原则上用于招收新生,不招收学习本国语言或英语、法语等第三国语言文学类专业的学生。 

The scholarship is only for new students, it is unavailable for students who wish to apply to study their native language or a third country language including literature such as English, French etc.

II. Hainan University enrollment brochure: Scholarship Coverage


Hainan Provincial Government International Students Scholarship covers: tuition fee, accommodation fee on campus, registration fee, medical and accidental Insurance at Hainan University. The applicant is responsible for all other fees. 

III. Where and When to Apply



Where to Apply: International Student Office, School of International Education, Hainan University

When to Apply: Between March 12 and April 28, 2024

Complete Hainan University enrollment brochure for the "Hainan Provincial Government International Student Scholarship" program for the academic year 2024-2025

IV. Eligibility

1. 持外国有效护照的非中国籍公民。身心健康,品行端正,对华友好,遵守中国法律和海南大学校规,尊重中华文化和风俗习惯。符合中国出入境条件。

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizen, well-behaved and capable of living independently. Be obligated to observe Chinese laws and university’s regulations, respect Chinese culture and customs, and fulfill all the conditions of Chinese Entry-exit.2. 学历和年龄要求:1) 来华攻读学士学位者,须具有相当于中国高级中学毕业的学历或证书,年龄在30周岁以下。2) 来华攻读硕士学位者,须具有学士学位,年龄在35周岁以下。 

3) 来华攻读博士学位者,须具有硕士学位,年龄在40周岁以下。

Be a high school graduate under the age of 30 when applying for bachelor’s programs; be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for master’s programs; be a master’s degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for doctoral programs. 3. 语言要求:1) 中文授课项目,汉语水平须达到HSK四级180分以上。2) 英文授课项目,英语水平须达到雅思(IELTS)6.0及以上(单科不少于6.0)或托福560以上,新托福(网考)78分以上。母语、官方语言为英语国家的学生,可免交英语水平证书。

Language Requirements: 

1) Applicants for Chinese-taught programs are required to obtain an HSK Band 4 with scores above 180 when applying.  

2) Applicants for English-taught programs are required to obtain one of the following English tests: a score of 560 or above (paper-based test) or 78 or above (internet-based test) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) , or a minimum overall band of IELTS 6.0 when applying. Condition of exemption of submitting English level certificates: English-speaking students (Countries with English as native language or official language).

V. Hainan University enrollment brochure: Degree Programs

1. Bachelor degree programs

ItemName of the MajorSchoolMedium of InstructionDuration
1Business EconomicsSchool of EconomicsChinese4
2Chinese LanguageSchool of HumanitiesChinese4
3Tourism ManagementSchool of TourismChinese4
4Food Science and EngineeringSchool of Food Science and EngineeringChinese4
5Food Quality and SafetySchool of Food Science and EngineeringChinese4
6LawSchool of LawChinese4
7HorticultureSchool of HorticultureChinese4
8Landscape ArchitectureSchool of ForestryChinese4
9Software EngineeringSchool of Computer Science and TechnologyChinese4

2. Master degree programs

ItemName of the MajorSchoolMedium of InstructionDuration (year)
1EcologySchool of Ecological and   Environmental SciencesEnglish3
2Environment EngineeringSchool of Ecological and   Environmental SciencesEnglish3
3Crop ScienceSchool of Tropical CropsEnglish3
4Agricultural Resources and   EnvironmentSchool of Tropical CropsEnglish3
5LawSchool of LawChinese3
6Public ManagementSchool of Public   AdministrationChinese3
7Business AdministrationSchool of ManagementChinese3
8Management Science and   EngineeringSchool of ManagementChinese3
9AccountingSchool of ManagementChinese3
10Agriculture and ForestEconomics and ManagementSchool of ManagementChinese3
11Enterprise ManagementSchool of ManagementChinese3
12Aquatic ScienceSchool of Marine SciencesChinese3
13HalobiologySchool of Marine SciencesChinese3
14Chemical EngineeringSchool of Chemical   Engineering and TechnologyChinese3
15Chemical Engineering and   TechnologySchool of Chemical   Engineering and TechnologyChinese3
16Computer Science and   TechnologySchool of Computer   Science and TechnologyChinese3
17International BusinessSchool of EconomicsChinese3
18Applied EconomicsSchool of EconomicsChinese3
19FinanceSchool of EconomicsChinese3
20MathematicsSchool of ScienceChinese3
21Landscape ArchitectureSchool of ForestryChinese3
22ForestrySchool of ForestryChinese3
23Tourism ManagementSchool of TourismChinese3
24DiplomacySchool of MarxismChinese3
25Political TheorySchool of MarxismChinese3
26International PoliticsSchool of MarxismChinese3
27International RelationsSchool of MarxismChinese3
28Biomedical EngineeringSchool of Biomedical   EngineeringChinese3
29Functional Materials and   DevicesSchool of Materials   Science and EngineeringChinese3
30Materials Science and   EngineeringSchool of Materials   Science and EngineeringChinese3
31Food ScienceSchool of Food Science   and EnginceringChinese3
32Food Production and SafetySchool of Food Science   and EnginceringChinese3
33Food Science and   EngineeringSchool of Food Science   and EnginceringChinese3
34Civil EngineeringSchool of Civil   Engineering and ArchitectureChinese3
35Civil and Hydraulic   EngineeringSchool of Civil   Engineering and ArchitectureChinese3
36Big Data EngineeringSchool of Cyberspace   SecurityChinese3
37Cyberspace SecuritySchool of Cyberspace   SecurityChinese3
38Network   Information SecuritySchool of Cyberspace   SecurityChinese3
39PharmacySchool of Pharmaceutical   SciencesChinese3
40Plant ProtectionSchool of Plant ProtectionChinese3
41HorticultureSchool of HorticultureChinese3
42Master of Translation and   InterpretingSchool of International   StudiesChinese3
43Information and   Communication EngineeringSchool of Information and   Communication EngineeringChinese3
44Linguistics and Applied   LinguisticsSchool of HumanitiesChinese3
45Ancient Chinese LiteratureSchool of HumanitiesChinese3
46Modern and Contemporary   Chinese LiteratureSchool of HumanitiesChinese3
47Theory of Literature and ArtSchool of HumanitiesChinese3
48Comparative Literature and   World LiteratureSchool of HumanitiesChinese3

3. Doctoral degree programs

ItemName of the MajorSchoolMedium of InstructionDuration (year)
1Crop ScienceSchool of Tropical CropsEnglish4
2EcologySchool of Ecological and   Environmental SciencesEnglish4
3Business AdministrationSchool of ManagementChinese4
3Business AdministrationSchool of TourismEnglish4
4Chemical Engineering   and TechnologySchool of Chemical   Engincering and TechnologyChinese4
5Materials Science and   EngineeringSchool of Materials   Science and EngineeringChinese4
6Biomedical EngineeringSchool of Biomedical   EngineeringChinese4
7Food Science and   EngineeringSchool of Food Science   and EngineeringChinese4
8Cyberspace SecuritySchool of Cyberspace   SecurityChinese4
9Civil EngineeringSchool of Civil   Engineering and ArchitectureChinese4
10LawSchool of LawChinese4
11Information and   Communication EngineeringSchool of Information and   Communication EngineeringChinese4

VI. Application Documents


Applicants are requested to prepare scanned copies of the relevant materials according to the list of “Application Materials” on the official website of the College of International Education of Hainan University, and log on to the international student service platform of Hainan University ( to fill in the information and upload application materials before April 28th 2024.

Complete Hainan University enrollment brochure for the "Hainan Provincial Government International Student Scholarship" program for the academic year 2024-2025

VII. Contact Information

地  址:中国海南省海口市人民大道58号海南大学国际教育学院国际学生办公室

邮  编:570228

联系人:崔老师  周老师  李老师

电  话:0086-898-66291354、0086-898-66291348

微  信:0086-13138995246

邮  箱: [email protected]

网  址:

Add: International Student Office, School of International Education, Hainan University, No.58 Renmin Avenue, Haikou, Hainan Province, 570228, P. R. China

Contact Staff: Mr. Cui, Ms. Zhou, Miss Li

Tel: 0086-898-66291354/ 0086-898-66291348

Wechat: 0086-13138995246

E-mail[email protected]


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