Guerrillas’ Song游击队歌


Chinese Name: 游击队歌

English Name: Guerrillas’ Song

Composer: He Lvting贺绿汀

Guerrillas’ Song is a song composed by He Lvting. On January 1, 1938, He Lvting commanded the national salvation drama team to sing for the first time at the Party of Cadres of the Eighth Route Army. It is also the theme song of the film “Railway Guerrillas”.

Guerrillas' Song游击队歌
Guerrillas’ Song

Composition Background of Guerrillas’ Song

In 1937, after the outbreak of the “August 13” Songhu Anti Japanese War, Shanghai cultural circles established a drama team to publicize Anti Japanese and national salvation in all parts of China under the banner of the Anti Japanese national united front. He Luting joined the first team of Shanghai National Salvation drama with hatred for the aggressors. He came to Shanxi Anti Japanese front line to perform for the Anti Japanese forces. In a suburban Eighth Route Army Office (Liucun Town, Yaodu District, Linfen), they had more direct contact with the commanders and fighters and became interested in guerrilla warfare. Especially after listening to the reports of Zhu De, Ren Bishi, he long and other leaders, we had a further understanding of the situation and strategy of the war of resistance against Japan. He realized that to completely defeat the Japanese invaders, we must rely not only on regular warfare, but also on mobile warfare and guerrilla warfare. Facing the oil lamp, He Lvting composed the fragmentary and fragmented musical images into a whole and created the song guerrilla song.

Guerrillas' Song游击队歌
Original manuscript of guerrillas’ song

About Composer He Lvting

He Lvting (1903-1999), also known as He Kai, from Shaodong, Hunan Province, vice chairman of China Music Association, President of Shanghai Conservatory of music and musician. In July 1903, he was born into a poor peasant family in Shaoyang. The picturesque landscape and beautiful folk songs in his hometown nourish his youth’s soul. He often sings to the village children when herding cattle and collecting firewood.

Guerrillas' Song游击队歌
He Lvting

After the full outbreak of the Anti Japanese war in 1937, He Lvting participated in the Anti Japanese and national salvation drama team of Shanghai literary and artistic circles and went to Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and other places to perform to publicize the Anti Japanese war. In Linfen, Shanxi Province, he created the immortal Anti Japanese war song “guerrilla song” under the kerosene lamp, and directed and sang the song at a senior cadre meeting of the Eighth Route Army, which was a great success.

Lyrics of Guerrillas’ Song

Chinese Lyrics



没有吃 没有穿
没有枪 没有炮




不分穷 不分富
不分党 不分派


English Translation

We are all sharpshooters,
Each bullet takes out an enemy.
We are all soldiers with wings,
Unafraid of tall mountains and deep waters.

In the dense forests,
Our comrades set their camps.
On the tall mountains,
Our countless brothers are there.

Nothing to eat, nothing to wear?
The enemy will supply us.
No guns, no cannons?
The enemy will forge them for us.

We are born in this place
Every inch of the land belongs to us.
Should anyone invade it,
We will fight him to death.

Though the Japanese bandits are vicious,
Our brothers fight bravely.
Though enemy’s weapons are powerful,
They cannot find our trace and shadow.

Let the enemy rush around without aim,
Our battlefront is behind the enemy.
When the enemy line lengthens,
Our columns expands even greater.

No matter poor or rich,
400 million people become armed.
No matter which party,
We all join the resistance,

We become stronger in the struggle,
Japanese bandits are going towards doom.
When the final victory day comes,
The dawn of world peace will come out.

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