Guangling San广陵散


Chinese Name: 广陵散

English Name: Guangling San, Guangling Verse, Guangling Melody

Composer:Ji Kang 嵇康

Music Instrument:Guqin古琴

Guangling San广陵散
Guangling San

Guangling San,also known as Guangling Zhixi. It is large-scale Guqin music in ancient China, a very famous Guqin music in the history of Chinese music, and one of the ten famous Guqin music.

Guangling San By Gong Yi (Excerpt)

Origin Source of Guangling San

Guangling San was originally a folk music popular in Guangling area (now Shouxian County, Anhui Province) at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He used to play Qin, Zheng, Zhu, Zhu, Zhu and other musical instruments, and now there are only piano music left. The earliest record is the magic secret spectrum, which was compiled under the leadership of Ning Wang Zhu Quan, the 17th son of Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. It is the earliest collection of Guqin spectra published and engraved at present.

Origin of Guangling San: according to records in the book of Jin, this song was given by an ancient when Ji Kang visited Luoxi. There is also a legend of gods and ghosts in Taiping Guangji, which says that Ji Kang was good at playing the piano. Once, Ji Kang stayed at the moon Pavilion at night and couldn’t sleep at night. He sat up and played the piano. The sound of the piano was elegant and moved a ghost. Then the ghost spread Guangling to Ji Kang and agreed with Ji Kang that this song should not be taught. In 263 ad, Ji Kang was killed by Sima Zhao. Before his death, Ji Kang was not sad, but sighed: “yuan Xiaoni, please learn this powder. I, Jin Gu, don’t. Guangling powder is now unique!”.

About Ji Kang

Ji Kang (224-263 AD) was a Chinese writer, poet, Daoist philosopher, musician and alchemist of the Three Kingdoms period,He was one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove(竹林七贤) who held aloof from the dangerous politics of third-century China to devote themselves to art and refinement.

Guangling San广陵散
Ji Kang

Ji Kang is noted as an author and was also a famous composer and Guqin player. He was described as a handsome and tall man (approximately 1.88 metres).

GuangLing San BY KONG Ziwen

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