Across China: Foreign volunteers help fight epidemic

Foreign volunteers help fight epidemic.

As China strengthens its epidemic prevention and control measures in the face of a COVID-19 resurgence, many volunteers including foreigners have joined the anti-epidemic fight.

Foreign volunteers help fight epidemic

In Haikou, Hainan Province, volunteers from different countries, including the United States, New Zealand and Ghana, assisted with anti-epidemic services and made their own contributions to helping the city.

At a nucleic acid testing site in Haikou on Sunday, Tommy from America checked people’s temperatures and made sure that they maintained the proper distance.

Across China: Foreign volunteers help fight epidemic

 Having lived in Hainan for 12 years, Tommy speaks fluent Chinese, and even some Hainan dialect, and he now calls himself “new Hainanese.”

“Hainan is my second home,” he said. “If I can go out and help out, if I have this opportunity to help out, I should take advantage of that and help out my Hainanese friends.”

At the testing site, he greeted local residents in Hainan dialect from time to time. Every time he saw kids coming, he would put on his cartoon mask and interact with them.

Farr from New Zealand is 69 year old, but says that one is “never too old to be a volunteer.”

Across China: Foreign volunteers help fight epidemic

  “It’s the simplest way of saying thank you to the community,” he said. “I feel good because I’m doing something for the community. Although it may look small, it’s something.”

Kingsford from Ghana stood in the sun for hours, guiding people to ensure they kept the distance.

Following his graduation from Hainan Normal University one year ago, he decided to stay in Hainan and start a business. He now runs a foreign-trade company in Haikou.

Across China: Foreign volunteers help fight epidemic

 “Hainan has given a lot to me personally. So, it’s no big deal to come and help out a little bit,” he said.

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