Experience a Day of China’s Top Medical University Students!

A Day in the Life of a Chinese University Student.


This time, May, an Italian girl, went to the West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, the top medical school in China, and experienced a super “exciting” life with Xiaofeng, a graduate student of scholar-lord here!


As the first modern dental school in China, West China College of Stomatology of Sichuan University has cultivated countless high-end talents and excellent doctors over the past century.


It is not only famous in Chengdu, but also in the forefront of China.


What are the differences between dental schools in China and those in other countries?


What’s special about the life of stomatologists compared with that of students in other colleges?


How many years does it take to become a qualified doctor in China?


Are all the students in Chinese universities “nerds”?


After watching this video, come to the comment area and tell us what’s different between your country’s college life and May’s experience today!


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