Deng Yanda 邓演达

A hardworking, loyal and courageous national revolutionary


Chinese Name: 邓演达

English Name: Deng Yanda

Other Names: Deng Zesheng 邓择生

Born: March 1, 1895

Died: Novermber 29, 1931


Devoted to the revolution 投身革命

Join in the northern expedition 投身北伐战争

Main Works:

Collected works of Deng Yanda 邓演达文集

Deng Yanda 邓演达
Deng Yanda 邓演达

Brief Biography of Deng Yanda

Deng Yanda was a famous leftist leader of the Kuomintang 国民党, founder of the Chinese peasants’ and workers’ Democratic Party, and a famous patriotic democrat.

Dengyanda was born in 1895 in Lujing village 鹿颈村, Yonghu Town 永湖乡, Huiyang 惠阳, Guangdong Province 广东省 (now Sandong Town 三栋镇, Huicheng District 惠城区, Huizhou City 惠州市). Influenced by the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal ideology in his youth, he once participated in anti-Qing activities with Yao Yuping 姚雨平 and other revolutionary parties and worked as a traffic attendant to deliver documents to revolutionaries in Guangzhou 广州 and Foshan 佛山.

In 1909, Deng Yanda was admitted to Guangdong Army primary school. He achieved excellent results and joined the League 同盟会 on the eve of graduation during his studies. He once participated in the revolution of 1911 辛亥革命.

Deng Yanda 邓演达
the revolution of 1911 辛亥革命

From 1912 to 1919, Deng Yanda studied in the military academy. In 1919 (24 years old), he completed his study at Baoding 保定 Army Academy.

After 1920, he successively served as the staff officer of the first division and the head of the third regiment of the Guangdong army. He led his troops to crusade against Chen Jiongming 陈炯明’s rebels twice and won Sun Yat-Sen 孙中山 ‘s trust and praise.

Deng Yanda 邓演达
Sun Yat-sen 孙中山

In May 1924, he was appointed deputy director of the Training Department of the Whampoa Military Academy 黄埔军校, and later the chief educator of the Whampoa Military Academy.

After the April 12 coup 四一二政变 broke out in 1927, he wrote articles to condemn Chiang Kai Shek 蒋介石 and Wang Jingwei 汪精卫 and launched anti-Chiang activities with Soong Ching Ling 宋庆龄 and others.

He was arrested in Shanghai 上海 in August 1931 and was secretly killed in Nanjing 南京 on the evening of November 29 when he was 36 years old.

Personal Life and Major Contributions

Devoted to the Revolution

In 1911 (16 years old), he graduated from Guangdong Army primary school and soon participated in the northern expedition of the student army led by Yao Yuping 姚雨平.

In the spring of 1912 (at the age of 17), he left the army and returned to Guangdong to study in the Guangdong army crash school.

In 1914 (at the age of 19), he was admitted to the second Preparatory School of Wuchang 武昌army and continued to study military affairs.

In 1915 (20 years old), he graduated from the second Preparatory School of Wuchang 武昌 army and was sent to the army for an internship.

In 1916 (at the age of 21), after the army internship expired, he was promoted to the 6th period in the engineering section of Baoding army officer school.

In 1919 (at the age of 24), he completed his study at Baoding army officer school and went to the northwest border guard army for an internship.

At the beginning of 1920 (25 years old), He Ziyuan 何子渊 introduced him to Zhangzhou 漳州, Fujian 福建 to join the Guangdong army. In August, the Guangdong troops returned to Guangdong to expel the Guangxi warlords 桂系军阀. Deng Yanda served as the captain of the supervising corps, and repeatedly offered suggestions to his superiors to defeat the enemy, which was highly praised by Deng Zhongyuan 邓仲元. At the end of the year, Sun Yat-Sen returned to Guangzhou to rebuild the military government.

In July 1921 (26 years old), he was transferred to the battalion commander of the 1st Division Engineering Battalion. At the end of the year, he was ordered by Deng Zhongyuan 邓仲元 to accompany Xu Shuzheng 徐树铮 to Guilin 桂林 to meet Sun Yat-Sen 孙中山. Deng Yanda worked conscientiously, wholeheartedly supported Sun Yat-Sen’s revolutionary ideas, and won Sun Yat-Sen’s praise.

Deng Yanda 邓演达
Deng Yanda’s statue 邓演达塑像

Join in the northern expedition

On January 1, 1926 (aged 31), the second National Congress of the Kuomintang 国民党 was held in Guangzhou. Deng Yanda rushed back from abroad to attend the Congress and gave a report on his journey to Europe. At the end of the conference on January 19th, Deng Yanda was elected as the alternate executive member of the current Central Committee. He returned to the Whampoa Military Academy 黄埔军校 in mid and late January to serve as the chief educator and preside over the school affairs. He strongly supports the correct proposals put forward by the Guangdong District Committee of the Communist Party of China on setting up political departments in military academies.

On June 5, 1926, with the support of the Communist Party of China 中国共产党, the national government decided to set up a northern expedition and set up the General Headquarters and the General Political Department of the national revolutionary army. Deng Yanda was appointed director of the general political department and began to prepare for the establishment of the Department.

From August 27 to 30, 1926, the Northern Expedition army 北伐军 successively conquered Tingsi bridge 汀泗桥 and Hesheng bridge 贺胜桥, pointing directly at Wuhan 武汉. During this period, Deng Yanda often took relevant staff to participate in military command work on the front line.

Deng Yanda 邓演达
Tingsi bridge 汀泗桥

On October 10, 1926, the Northern Expedition army captured Wuchang 武昌. The Central Committee of the Kuomintang decided to establish the Hubei 湖北 committee to prepare for the establishment of the Hubei provincial government and appointed Deng Yanda as the director of the administrative committee.

On April 28th, 1927, he attended and delivered a speech in Wuhan to see off the Northern Expedition army, calling on the officers to eliminate all difficulties with the spirit of heroic struggle and indomitable will, so as to open a path of blood for the revolution.

On May 21, 1927, upon Deng Yanda’s order, the Committee for the comfort of wounded soldiers in the field was established to comfort and settle the wounded officers and soldiers in the northern expedition. Deng also went to comfort the wounded soldiers in person. On May 22, he delivered a speech to the officers and political workers in Xiping 西平, pointing out that the national revolutionary army should combine with the people in order to win. He discussed the current situation of the northern expedition, and put forward the requirements for the political workers to work bravely, bear hardships and faithfully.

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