Electric bikes – the latest road killers!

Dual-wheel electric bikes are becoming increasingly common in people’s daily lives as an important means of transportation for short trips. However, many electric bike products are gradually becoming larger, heavier, and faster, with performance approaching that of lightweight electric motorcycles. Their safety performance is poor, creating a significant risk to traffic safety and causing a large number of casualties.

According to relevant reports, in 2019, one electric bike rider died in road traffic accidents per hour, among national road traffic accident casualties, and five electric bike riders were injured per hour due to road traffic accidents.

Since 2018, new regulations for the management of electric bikes have been introduced in various regions. Detailed provisions have been added to the “Technical Safety Regulations for Electric Bikes” and the “New National Standard Electric Vehicle Management Regulations,” giving corresponding standardized requirements based on regional environment and vehicle traffic conditions.

We would like to remind everyone:

1. Purchase compliant and registered vehicles based on local standards.

2. Confirm the type of bike and riding requirements. If a driver’s license is required, obtain one.

3. Observe traffic regulations, do not exceed the speed limit, wear a helmet, avoid carrying passengers illegally, and avoid violating laws such as running red lights, going against traffic, or using a phone while riding.

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