Govt Trying to Help Students Find Jobs

Faced with employment pressures brought by a record number of college graduates and the epidemic situation, governments and schools are mulling over a series of moves to help students find jobs.

A college graduate recruitment week was launched on Monday to expand employment opportunities and help graduates overcome employment challenges caused by the epidemic.

The event began both online and in-person in Beijing and Chongqing, and the provinces of Henan, Jilin, Shandong and Yunnan, according to the Ministry of Education.

Some 15,000 online and in-person job fairs are expected across the country during the week. The in-person events are expected to provide more than 600,000 positions, while the online employment service will offer more than 800,000 job vacancies, according to the ministry.

China will have a record 10.76 million college graduates this year, 1.67 million more than last year, official data show.

The ministry said it will host a series of events throughout August to help new college graduates look for satisfactory jobs and keep the employment situation stable.

It will work with universities and 12 recruitment agencies to host the events. Regional and industrywide online and in-person job fairs will be held, according to a ministry release on Monday.

University administrators are encouraged to visit companies to broaden employment opportunities for graduates. A notice issued by the ministry in March has asked university and college heads to approach at least 100 companies by August to expand employment opportunities.

China is facing mounting pressure on employment due to the large number of job seekers and a slowing economy.

In instructions to a national video and telephone conference on stabilizing employment on Saturday, Premier Li Keqiang urged efforts to help as many market entities as possible to stabilize their posts and expand job opportunities, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Efforts should be made to ensure the completion of the annual employment goals and tasks, and the country will intensify efforts to implement the employment-first policy, and keep employment and the economy stable, Li said.

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