Some Pakistani Students will Reach China Soon

Over the Past 26 Months, International students of China who were stranded in their home countries due to COVID, have reported that students are receiving emails.

As of Feb 6, 2022, China and Pakistan announced in a joint statement: “While ensuring safety against COVID-19, China will arrange for Pakistani students to return to China and prudently resume classes.

As of 4 Jan 2022, China International Student Union posted research results regarding the return to China on their Twitter account posted research results regarding the return to China on their Twitter account.

76% of Russian students who responded reported that their university had informed them that they might return to China in groups within the spring, but no clear date was given. Some Indonesian and Pakistani students reported that their data had been collected by authorities but no further action had been taken.

A lot of Pakistani students reported that they secured a visa from the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. According to their statement, a list of more than 250 students has been sent to the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan or its representative office (Gerry Office).

It is instructed the students to make sure their further contact with the Gerry Office for visa application processing. After that Students will be allowed to travel as per the rules and regulations of China.

Students Issues!

Those students who secured visas for their approval to travel to China are worried because of expenses. They have to manage expenses for 3 purposes, Quarantine Expenses, Air Tickets, and Living Expenses.

These three expenditures cost too high. Pakistani students say if they don’t get any subsidy from the Pakistani Government then it will be difficult for them to overcome the problem. If Pakistan Airlines arranges a charter flight for 250 students, it will cost almost double the airfare.

So they hope cheap flight tickets will be offered by Pakistan International Airlines.

Pakistani students are making twitter trends and creating a space for meeting on the social media website “Twitter” to discuss this matter and find a suitable solution. Students say “We hope the Pakistani Government will offer them subsidy and all students will be able back to China soon to join their classes and labs physically.

As per the current situation, a possibility in the heart of students, still exists that a large number of students will be able to return to China by September 2022. But Students also can understand the current Pandemic Situation in China, so students believe that China will soon overcome this COVID problem. Pakistan Student’s slogan is “Long Live Pak-China Friendship”.

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