6 Foreigners Given “Outstanding Foreign Experts” Award in China!

These experts received the Changbai Mountain Friendship Award, Outstanding Foreign Experts of Jilin Province, and Changchun Friendship Award, a recognition from Jilin provincial government and Changchun municipal government.

It is the highest honorary award given to foreign experts by the province and the city, which highlights the recognition of the local governments for the efforts and contributions made by FAW-Volkswagen in promoting the development of industrial clusters and revitalizing Jilin’s economy.

Furthermore, it was a recognition of the achievements of FAW-Volkswagen’s management committee and the sincere cooperation between the Chinese and foreign teams.

The company has attracted 246 foreign experts from 21 countries around the world, who have chosen to work for FAW-Volkswagen and contribute to the high-quality transformation and development of the enterprise and the prosperity of the regional economy.

In the face of internal and external risk challenges, the company got the first place in production and sales in 2021, consolidating its position as an industry leader. At the ceremony, 43 Chinese and foreign managers were also promoted in the second half of 2021, said Jin Xianzhen, vice president (Human Resources) of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.

Dr. Andre Stoffels, the first vice president (finance) of FAW-Volkswagen, said that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, and FAW-Volkswagen has also entered a new stage of corporate development. “Looking back, with the sincere cooperation between the Chinese and German teams, FAW-Volkswagen has developed into a leading company in China’s passenger car industry and is a model of Sino-German friendship and cooperation.”

In his speech, FAW-Volkswagen board member and general manager Pan Zhanfu said that thanks to the wise leadership of both Chinese and German shareholders and the joint efforts of every employee, FAW-Volkswagen had achieved brilliant business results in the past three decades. Thirty years of hard work and struggle have also led to the growth and development of outstanding employees.

Therefore, the company held this promotion ceremony for managers and foreign experts to acknowledge their achievements and inspire a stronger sense of mission. In addition, the company wanted to convey the spirit of hard work and struggle, hoping that more outstanding employees would follow the example of the promoted managers, and work hard to create more value.

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