Chinese designers to showcase work at Paris Design Week

Chinese designers to showcase work at Paris Design Week Ti Gong

Visitors examine one of the works from Tongji University at Paris Design Week last year.

Professors and students from Shanghai’s Tongji University will exhibit their artworks at the 2024 Paris Design Week in September.

The event coincides with the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France and the Summer Olympics in Paris this year.

Tongji’s College of Design and Innovation said its professors and students would present a total of 10 pieces, in the newly established China Creative Pavilion.

The pavilion, about 100 meters from the main exhibition hall, is highlighting contemporary Chinese design. Professors Mo Jiao, Zhang Zhoujie, Zhao Shijian, Xie Yadi, and Zheng Kangyi will lead the exhibition.

Lou Yongqi, vice president of Tongji and a curator of the exhibition, said the theme of the pavilion will be the “Chinese Way of Beauty,” showcasing the depth of Chinese culture and innovative spirit.

Chinese designers to showcase work at Paris Design Week Ti Gong

Artworks from Tongji professors and students on display during Paris Design Week last year.

“The exhibition is a chance to prove the strength of Chinese design to the world,” said Hu Fei, dean of the college.

Raphael Kao, chief curator of the China Creative Pavilion, said the exhibition aims to demonstrate Chinese contemporary design methods and styles. “We want the world to see the beauty and originality of modern Chinese design,” Kao said.

The pavilion’s U-shaped layout is designed to immerse visitors in the pulse of Chinese design. The exhibit will also feature works from independent designers, design brands, and home furnishing companies, blending traditional Chinese elements with modern aesthetics.

Tongji has participated in the Milan Design Week several times and this marks their second appearance at the Paris Design Week. Hu said more student and faculty designs will gain international exposure in the future.

Chinese designers to showcase work at Paris Design Week Ti Gong

Visitors at the Tongji University exhibition during last year’s Paris Design Week.



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