China Mobile upgrades airport services for expats

China Mobile has unveiled a new service center for expats at the T2 terminal of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

The center, near the international arrival gates, provides a suite of telecom services to ensure a smooth and connected experience for arriving expats.

China Mobile upgrades airport services for expats Ti Gong

China Mobile’s new outlet is near the international arrival gates at the Pudong airport. The mobile carrier’s upgraded service is released during Shanghai Summer International Consumption Season event, which runs through mid October, as part of the city’s major consumption-driven activity.

These include:

1: Free package and short-term SIM cards

A free 3GB (gigabyte) package is offered for expats on the first day after their arrival in Shanghai.

Expats can buy 7-day, 15-day and 30-day SIM cards at China Mobile’s counter to make phone calls, surf online, order food or hail cars.

2: Translation:

China Mobile offers an English service onsite and multi-language translation with smart devices. The carrier also offers real-time AI translation services with its 5G call services.

3: Hotline and related services

Shanghai Mobile offers more English-speaking services via its 10086 hotline. Other services including permanent residence applications and English bill services are available at several outlets citywide.

China Mobile upgrades airport services for expats Ti Gong

A visitor makes use of the expat services at China Mobile’s airport outlet.



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