Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake平湖秋月

Lake and sky are the same without dust, The moon hang on the sky


Chinese Name: 平湖秋月

English Name: Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake, Ping Hu Qiu Yue

Composer: Lv WenCheng吕文成

Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake平湖秋月

“Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake” is a famous Guangdong music song, which originates from boudoir dance in northern minor, also known as drunk Taiping. Later, it was adapted into a piece of national music by Guangdong musician Lv Wencheng and widely spread in Cantonese opera music.

Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake By Guzheng

Story Of Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake

In the 1930s, Lv Wencheng toured the West Lake in Hangzhou during the Mid Autumn Festival. The beautiful scenery of the West Lake made him deeply moved and touched the scenery. Therefore, he created this work to describe the scenery of the West Lake on a moonlit night, praise the good scenery of nature, and express his feelings about the beauty of the West Lake.

Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake平湖秋月
Lv WenCheng

In 1975, the composer Mr. Chen Peixun adapted this music into a piano solo. The adaptation uses rich and colorful accompaniment texture to show the sparkling and flickering scene in more detail, making it a piece of excellent piano music integrating the characteristics of Chinese national music, Impressionist sound effect,s and romantic composition techniques.

Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake平湖秋月
Chen Peixun

Lv Wencheng and Chen Peixun, two composers, depict the same freshness and tranquility as the moonlight, and the same brightness and charm as the moonlight. The moonlight in Pinghu autumn moon has the artistic conception of quiet, empty, light and far in the eyes of Chinese scholars, as well as the bright and festive color of Chinese music. The nature of music tends to be outward. It sounds that people can feel the beauty of nature and life, and make people more open-minded. “Autumn Moon on Pinghu Lake” reflects the traditional aesthetic principles of the Chinese nation in pursuit of purity, beauty, delicacy and harmony, as well as the Chinese literati’s mind of “quiet, far-reaching, indifferent and clear ambition”. The bright and beautiful moonlight reflects the beautiful feelings of “I hope people will last for a long time and share the beauty of thousands of miles”. Under a bright moon, the two composers depict two different bright worlds.

Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake Played with Gaohu(Yu Qiwei)

Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake Played with Piano(Lang Lang)

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