A Tune for the Frontier塞上曲

Wang Zhaojun’s Eternal Sorrow


Chinese Name: 塞上曲

English Name: A Tune for the Frontier, Sai Shang Qu, Song of the Frontier, On the Frontier

Original Source: ‘Pipa Score’ by Li Fangyuan李芳园《琵琶谱》

A Tune for the Frontier塞上曲
The Frontier

“A Tune for the Frontier” is a traditional set of music by Pipa. The music score was first seen in Li Fangyuan’s Pipa Score. By describing Wang Zhaojun’s yearning for her hometown, the music expresses her sadness and sadness.

What is Pipa?

Pipa, a traditional plucked instrument in East Asia, has a history of more than 2000 years. The earliest musical instrument called “Pipa” appeared in the Qin Dynasty of China. “Jue” in the word “Pipa” means “two jade touch each other and make a pleasant sound”, indicating that it is an instrument that makes sound by playing and touching the strings.

A Tune for the Frontier塞上曲

Original Source of A Tune for the Frontier

It is said that “A Tune for the Frontier”, written by Zhaojun herself, exaggerates her endless yearning for her hometown and her sadness for the distant life in a foreign land through this unparalleled power.

A Tune for the Frontier塞上曲
Wang Zhaojun

This song is composed of five independent tunes, namely, yearning for spring(思春), complaining about Zhaojun(昭君怨), crying back(泣颜回), near the makeup table(傍妆台) and complaining(诉怨).

A Tune for the Frontier塞上曲

It is sad, melancholy and lingering. A desolate scene outside the Great Wall is clearly outlined in the noise. Through this scene, it is combined with the techniques of pushing, pulling, chanting, kneading, bringing up and so on, in a euphemistic and soft melody, The clear image of the lonely and sad woman is set off in an atmosphere of separation.

A Tune for the Frontier塞上曲

A Tune for the Frontier By Liang Ning

A Tune for the Frontier By Song Fei

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