2019 Hebei University Enrollment Guide for International Students

Hebei University is a key university under the “one province one university” key construction university and a national first-class university supported by Hebei Province.

2019 Hebei University
Enrollment Guide for International Students

2019 Hebei University Enrollment Guide for International Students

  About us

  Hebei University is located in Baoding City, a well-known city with rich history and culture. Hebei University is the key comprehensive university co-constructed by Hebei Province Government, Ministry of Education, and State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of PRC, and is also one of the national first- class universities strongly supported by Hebei province.

  In recent years, the development of the education platform for foreign students has made great progress. In 2009, the State Council Degree Office approved the program of master degree in international education of Chinese, and in the same year, Hebei University became qualified to accept Confucius scholarship students; in 2010, it became the first university which is qualified to accept Chinese government scholarship students in Hebei province, Meanwhile, it is approved for the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) by Hanban; Two Confucius Colleges had been built in Brazil and the United States from 2010 to 2011; Hebei Province Overseas Education Research Organization was formed in April 2013 , and our school was elected as the head unit ; In July 2014, our school won the title of “outstanding university of international education ” we successfully held a symposium on foreign students

  education among Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Hebei, and signed the declaration of cooperation in the development of education in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in July 2015. In September 2016, Hebei University was approved by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office for the Chinese education base. In June 2017, our school established new Education Alliance with Tianjin University, Nankai University, Communication University of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Hebei University of Technology and Tianjin Yinghua international school to promote the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region students education. In December, Hebei University became the first institution passed the educational quality certification of foreign students education in Hebei Province. Since the resumption of recruit students, training nearly 5000 graduates for South Korea, Japan ,Indonesia, Russia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Zambia and other more than 90 countries, effectively promote the exchanges between China and foreign countries and gained high praise all over the world.

  I. Applicant Qualifications

  1. The applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens who observe Chinese

  laws, regulations and school disciplines, respect the Chinese customs and habits with good personality.

  2. Aged 18 years old before Jan. 1st of 2019.

  3. High school diploma and good grades.

  4. Chinese teaching program: Chinese language level above new HSK4. English teaching program: English as mother tongue or official language, or English proficiency test IELTS score 5.5or above /TOEFL score 75 or above (non-native English speakers).

  II. Degree and Majors

  Hebei University provides a wide range of undergraduate,graduate and doctoral programs. It also has training programs for General Advanced students,Senior Advanced-students, Long-term and Short-term Students of Chines e language. All professions included in the following link http://hbu.cn/xkzy/index.jhtml

  1. All courses are taught in Chinese (students whose Chinese levels not reaching the requirement can apply for one-year Chinese Language learning course);

  2. The following majors are provided courses taught in English :

  Master: Master of Journalism and Communication, Master of Tourism Management, Master of International Business;

  Doctor: Philosophy, Applied economics, Chinese language and literature, Journalism and communication, Chinese history, Chemistry, Optics engineering, Management science and engineering, Ideological and political education, Educational history, Zoology, etc;

  3. For other majors in need of instruction in English, please consult College of International Exchange and Education.

2019 Hebei University Enrollment Guide for International Students


  III. Fees

2019 Hebei University Enrollment Guide for International Students

2019 Hebei University Enrollment Guide for International Students

2019 Hebei University Enrollment Guide for International Students

  1.Tuition for Self-financed International Students


  2. Housing

  Building No. 1 40(RMB)/person/day

  Building No. 2 30(RMB)/person/day Building No. 3 25(RMB)/person/day 3. Other Fees

  Insurance for Studying Abroad in China: 600 (RMB)/year/person Visa Extension Fee: 800 (RMB)/year/person

  Living Expenses: about 1500 (RMB)/month/person

  IV. Application for Scholarship

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship

  Silk Road Bachelor Program:

  http://ciee.hbu.cn/zsjz/918.jhtml (Chinese)

  http://ciee.hbu.cn/zsjz/919.jhtml (English)

  Post-Graduate Program:

  http://ciee.hbu.cn/zsjz/920.jhtml (Chinese)

  http://ciee.hbu.cn/zsjz/921.jhtml (English)

  University Program:

  http://ciee.hbu.cn/jxjsq/650.jhtml (Chinese)

  http://ciee.hbu.cn/jxjsq/649.jhtml (English)

  2. Confucius Institute Scholarship http://ciee.hbu.cn/zsjz/797.jhtml

  3. Hebei Province International Students Scholarship


  V. The Application Documents

  ★ 1. HeBei University

  Application form for foreign students

  ★ 2. The guardian guarantee

  ★ 3.Physical examination record

  ★ 4. The scanned image of passport personal information page

  ★5. Highest academic degree certification (be authenticated by Chinese Embassy)

  ★ 6. Personal resume

  ★ 7. Certificate of Non-criminal Record

  ★ 8. Proof of financial guarantee

  9. The HSK certification

  10. Academic transcript

  11. The published academic achievement

  12. The honor certificates,

  Note: the documents marked ★ are required, we also encourage you to provide other documents if available . Please download the form of 1 & 2 & 3 from the “Common Downloads” on the Website of College of International Exchange and Education of Hebei University. (http://ciee.hbu.cn/cyxz/index.jhtml)


2019 Hebei University Enrollment Guide for International Students


  VI. Application Process

  1. Send your application documents to u by email(see VIII). After receiving the materials, our school will reply within 5 working days to inform you, if not hearing from us in 5 working days, please contact us again.

  2. We will send an email to inform you if your application is approved. Then please provide your detailed mailing address.

  3. Our school will conduct further examination of the materials. If you are admitted, your admission letter of Hebei University and JW202 form will be mailed to you according to the mailing address provided by you.

  4. Visa application:

  After receiving the admission letter of Hebei University and the JW202 form, you can apply for the studying visa (X1) from the Chinese embassy in your country.

  5. Please inform our school of your arrival time after you get your visa. 6. If you could not be in school on time, please inform us in advance, otherwise you will be regarded as dropping out of school.

  VII. Application period

  Nov. 20th, 2018 — Dec. 20th, 2018 (Spring Semester of 2019)

  Nov. 20th, 2018 — May 30th, 2019 (Autumn Semester of 2019)

  VIII. Application Method

  Send the above application documents to [email protected] before

  the application deadline.

  IX. Contacts

  Contact: Gao Fei, Zhang Jinpeng.

  Telephone: 0086-312-5971109.

  Fax: 0086-312-5971109.

  E-mail: [email protected]

  Address: http://ciee.hbu.edu.cn/

  We-Chat Public Number: HBUCIEE.





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