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How to get ? and points?

There are 2 kinds of currency on our website: Diamonds and Points

wealth and points
How to get ? and points? 1


What is diamond??

? are the real money, 1?=1Yuan(RMB), you can charge money to the balance, and you can also withdraw your ? under some conditions.

How to charge diamonds??


1, Login your account and click to the wealth page.

2, Click to the balance recharge

3, It will pop up a charge page, input how much you want to charge

4, Choose the payment, there is only Wechat-pay now, we will support other payments soon.

5, Use your mobile Wechat to scan de pay QR code

How to use diamonds??

There are different pages will you use your diamond to pay.

  • Shop
  • Download Files
  • Watch Videos
  • Browse Hidden Content
  • Verify

How to earn diamonds??

1, You can apply to be our Content Creator, and share your high-quality content to earn diamonds.

If you are interested, you can read this article carefully: how to post a pay-article on our website.

2, You can promote our website to your friends with our affiliate promotional links. If your friends sign up through your links, you will get commissions when they spend money on our website.

How to withdraw diamonds??


1, Login your account and click to the wealth page.

2, Click to the balance withdraw

3, Input how much you want to withdraw( at least 100?)

4, Submit the withdrawal application, the admin will audit your application

5, The admin approved your application and will send the money to your WeChat or bank account

6, The Website will charge commission fee for your withdrawal. (about 5%-10%)


What is the point?

Points are a reward system for a website, you can get points by contributing to the site. there are lots of methods to get points.

How to get points?

MethodPointsLimited Times*
Sign Up1501
Post articles2002/day
Comment be liked103/day
Follow others102/day
Be followed102/day
Articles / Topics be liked105/day
Post News502/day
Exchange by money?1?=30At least 10? one time

*Over the limited times, you can continue to post or comment, just won’t get more points on that day.

How to use points?

Like the diamond, there are lots of pages you can use points to exchange some resources:

  • Shop
  • Download Files
  • Watch Videos
  • Browse Hidden Content

Points can not exchange to diamonds? and can not be withdrawn.

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