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How to write an article?

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You should use a valid email to sign up, we will send the Verification Code to your email address, please check the Verification Code in your email box, and don’t forget the spam folder.

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Apply to be the content creator

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Apply to be the content creator
Apply to be the content creator

The Role field: Choose the Content Creator

Write an article

Write an article button
Write an article button

1, Add feature image


2, Choose the categories

Choose the category
Choose the category

3, Add the post title

Add the article title
Add the article title

The title should be detailed, accurate and attractive

4, Add the article content

Add the content
Add the content

1, Take full advantage of the editor’s capabilities to fill in the content

2, Write as much details as you can

3, Pay attention to typesetting and readability

4, Use the text, image, headline

5, Get people to trust your content and download your materials and resources

5, Insert the hidden content ( for payment download )

Add hidden content
Add hidden content

Whatever you want the user to pay, you can add it in the content-hide area. like the download links, the video, or the documents…



6, Fill the forms


Course Name

Please input the correct name of the materials, we will show it in the right place, and it will help the users to filter and search conveniently.


This is the important setting for your hidden contents. you can choose how much users should pay you if they want to check the hidden content. The monetary unit is RMB Yuan (人民币: 元).


You can set some tags on your articles, and your article may be will show in some other relevant articles page.


Describe the content of your article in 15 to 30 words. It will help your post rank higher in the search engine.

7, Check and publish

Publish the article
Publish the article

Check your article carefully and publish it, after our editor team audit the content, the article will show to the public. and if there is someone downloads the materials, you will receive the notification and money diamond?. and you can withdraw your money under some conditions.

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