Customs Notice to Foreign Students Studying in China

This is the English version of Customs Notice to Foreign Students Studying in China 外国留学生办理海关手续须知, and there is the Chinese version, In case of any dispute, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Date Issued:07-19-1984

Effective Date:07-19-1984

Status: Effective


(Promulgated by the Customs General Administration on August 1, 1984)

Article 1. Entry

Upon entry into China, a foreign student studying in China(hereinafter referred to as a “foreign student”) shall fill out a Declaration Form for Passengers’ Baggage in duplicate, one copy of which shall be returned to the foreign student for keeping after endorsement by the Customs. The articles marked with ” * ” on the Declaration Form shall be re-taken out upon departure from China.

Article 2. Duty-free Admission

(1) Articles for study and daily use brought in by the foreign students shall be admitted duty free by the Customs if in reasonable quantities for personal use.
(2) A foreign student who is admitted to study in China for one year or more can bring in one each of the following categories of durable duty free for their personal use during their study in China:
Wrists watches, cameras, 8mm cinecameras, refrigerators, washing machines,electrical fans, tape recorders,portabler adio-cassette recorders, cassette players, typewriters, calculators,TV sets and bicycles.
(3) For inward personal articles sent to a foreign student by post or through consignment shipping during his or her stay in China,they shall be admitted duty free if the duty amount does not exceed RMB Y30 ; only the excess amount will be levied if the duty amount exceeds RMB Y30.

Article 3. Restrictions on Inward Articles

(1) Cars, motor-cycles, video recorders, video cameras and hi-fis are not allowed in without Customs permission.
(2) Un-enumerated consumer durables shall be admitted on payment of duties if the Customs determines they are in reasonable quantities for personal use after verification.

Article 4. Application for “Registration Card for Inward Articles”

A foreign student studying in China for one year or more can,after registering in school, apply to the designated Customsoffice for a “Registration CardforInward Articles”(hereinafter referred to as “Registration Card”), producing for the Customs office his or her passport, resident card, student identity card (or certificate issued by the school) and the Declaration Form for passengers’ Baggage endorsed by the Customs office at the port of entry. The articles listed in Paragraph 2 of Article 2 of the present Notice shall be admitted duty free by the Customs against the”Registration Card”. The “Registration Card” shall be kept carefully.
A foreign student who has changed school shall give a notification to the Customs office issuing the “Registration Card”.

Article 5. Control over Foreign Currencies, Gold and Silver,Jewellery and Cultural Relics

Foreign currencies, gold and silver, jewellery and cultural relics which foreign students bring in shall not be subject to any quantity limitations, but shall be bona fide declared to the Customs.However, they shall be limited to the quantity registered on the Declaration Form at the time of exit. A foreign student who brings out gold and silver ornaments bought in China’s territory shall produce to the Customs for verification the “Special Invoices”designed and printed by the People’s Bank of China. A foreign student who brings out cultural relics bought in China’s territory shall declare them to the Customs, and the Customs will examine and release them against the red wax seals affixed to them (or Export Certificates for Cultural Relics)and invoices stamped with”Purchased with Foreign Exchange” for cultural relics.

Article 6. Exit and Re-entry for a Short Sojourn

If a foreign student leaves for Hong Kong, Macao or a foreign country for a vacation during his or her study in China, the articles for daily use needed on the journey shall be released free of duty by the Customs. If the student brings out the articles listed in paragraph 2 of Article 2 of the present Notice, they shall be declared to the Customs at the time of exit so that the Customs can release them free of duty upon his or her re-entry. The articles purchased in the said places shall be declared to the Customs if the student brings them in. Of them, those which fall in the duty-free allowances shall be admitted duty free and registered on the”Registration Card”; any excess over the duty-free allowances shall be released on payment of duties after verification and approval by the Customs.

Article 7. Control over Transit Articles

If a foreign student ships in consumer durables from Hong Kong or other places before leaving China and intends to bring them out when returning to his or her country, the Customs procedures for transit articles shall apply to them. The durables shipped in shall not be delivered but re-shipped out under Customs control and supervision.The foreign student shall be charged fees for warehousing the durables.

Article 8. Sale of Inward Articles

The articles which have been admitted by the Customs shall not be sold to any units or other individuals in China’s territory without permission but to the departments purchasing foreign articles designated by the local people’s governments. The duties and taxes on the articles admitted duty free shall be made good by the purchasing departments in accordance with the relevant regulations.If any violations of this provision occur, penalties shall be given by the Customs in accordance with the relevant regulation.

Article 9. Exit

When a foreign student leaves China after finishing school, the articles to be brought out shall be released duty free by the Customs if in reasonable quantities for personal use.

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