Free of Admission fees: March intake admission, 2022

1. Programs Open for Spring Intake
Degree Programs in English:
Bachelor Programs:
– Accounting
– Business Administration
– Chemical Engineering and Technology
– Civil Engineering
– Clinical Medicine (MBBS)
– Computer Science and Technology
– Corporate Finance*
– E-Commerce*
– Food Science and Engineering
– International Economics and Trade
– Materials Science and Engineering*
– Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
– Pharmacy

Students under the age of 25 (born after 1996) admitted to programs marked with*can enjoy CNY 10,000 one-time tuition waiver.

2. Important Dates
Applications Open: Nov.12, 2021
Applications End: Jan.12, 2022
Registration Dates: Mar. 2rd- 3rd, 2022
Classes Begin: Classes will begin from 2nd week after registration. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will arrange online courses for the enrolled freshmen who are not in China. Please wait for further notification about online courses.

3. Admissions Timeline (Please check the application status at the online application system)
– First Reply: 3 working days (Bachelor and non-degree programs) or 7 working days (Master and PhD programs).
– Times of Resubmitting the Application: No more than 3 times
– Deadline for Resubmitting: Jan. 15th, 2022
– Reservation Fee: Within 10 Days from the issuing date of admission. Admitted students have to finish the payment before Jan. 25th, 2022.
– Original Documents Posting: Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, there is no estimated time to enter China. We will give prompt notification and deliver the hard copies of the admission kits to the enrolled students when the relevant government policies allow.

4. the programs are from University of Jiangsu.

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