‘Snack party’ in local university sweeps the internet

When Wuhan Jiaotong School recently gave out snacks for free to students staying at school during the May Day holiday, numerous netizens yelled “We are green with envy,” causing the school to top the list of intra-city topics on TikTok.

A total of 262 students from the school stayed put during the holiday. To enrich their life, the school’s teachers sent snacks to each student on April 30, and opened the gym, dance studio, chess club room and other training facilities to serve the students. On May 1, the school’s canteen and supermarket provided free lunch and a box of drinks for each student.

The students were so pleasantly surprised when they received all these gifts that many shared the experience in their WeChat Moments. Hearing about the news, parents gave their thumbs-up to the warm-hearted gesture from the school.

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