VIPKID is looking for South Korean business development managers

We are representing VIPKID to recruiting business development (BD) managers in South Korea.

Job description:

·Support Korea Marketing and sales plan, develop operation plan at monthly base, in line with the marketing strategy, deliver detail execution in line with timeline

·Manage CAC(customer acquisition cost) in line with VIPKID ’s business strategy. Optimize conversion rate from Leads to Paid students, manage digital agency on SEM and SEO projects, improve the user experience along the conversion funnel

·Brand building and social media plan to build brand awareness; Manage social media, build social content, drive viral marketing program, build KOLs network and maintain key customers relations

Plan and execute Referral projects, improve Referral experience, enrich Referral tools, monitor Referral performance

·Other business related based on business needs and growth plan


·English or Chinese proficiency – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

·3 years experience on B2C marketing functions

·Strong experience either Digital channel, SEM or social media.

·Fast moving consumer goods / Online Retail/ Education industry related working experience are preferred

·Strong business acumen

·Good planning, high learning agility, drive for results

·Must physically reside in any city of South Korea; or be based in Beijing if the applicants have a big network back in South Korea.


30-40k RMB monthly, can be paid in Chinese RMB, South Korean Won or US dollars depending on the employee’s preference.

Please send your CV (in English or Chinese) to WeChat: 18115908753 with request of “South Korea”

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