Expat’s work permit to be mutually recognized in the GBA

Expats who have received work permits in other GBA mainland cities can apply for the same type of work permit directly in Guangzhou without submitting the required documents again.

The process trim is announced by Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in a notice on work permits recognition of foreign professionals across all the Chinese mainland cities in GBA.

The whole application process will be conducted online, with no paper documents needed for this step.

After the approval, applicants of the category A work permit can get their new certificate immediately, while those of category B and C need to submit paper documents as required.

With a valid visa, expats can apply for the work permit directly after being employed in Guangzhou.

For foreign scientific and technological talents, they can have part-time jobs with the permission of their employers and after putting on records in Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

The notice also states that the age and work experience limits will be extended for high-end foreign professionals and foreign talent in high-tech field. A more than two-year work permit will be granted to those eligible applicants.

65 years old is the age limit for foreign scientific and technological talents getting hired by the main undertakers of national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects and those urgently needed for the development of key industries in various districts.

For those who have participated in national, provincial and municipal science and technology planning projects and have doctoral degrees in key disciplines such as science, engineering, agriculture and medicine, they can apply for the longest ten-year talent work visa.

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