Plane Crashes in Guangxi with 132 Passengers on Board

China Eastern plane carrying 132 passengers crashed in Guangxi forested hillside.

China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Flight 5735) was flying from the Southwestern city of Kunming to Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong, bordering Hong Kong but unfortunately fell down on earth in Guangxi province.

The airplane caught fire. The reasons and number of deaths are not confirmed yet and rescuers have not seen any signs of survivors.

Chinese Airlines possess a good safety record, the last major plane crash took place almost 12 years ago. Aviation Standards and Air Safety have improved widely in recent 2 decades.

China’s last major plane crash took place in 2010 when a flight from Harbin crashed in the northeast area of YiChun due to foggy weather. This incident caused 42 causalities.

This news put the Chinese nation in shock. The President of China Xi Jin Ping ordered and demanded a complete investigation of this plane crash. The flight-tracking data (Flight Radar 24) say the plane lost its altitude rapidly. It was descended to the final rate of 31000 ft. a minute and later plummeted to the land.

The China Eastern Airline delivered the hotlines to the relatives of 132 passengers on board. More than 6 hundred (600) emergency responders including firefighters reached the crashed plane destination and quickly managed to control the fire blaze in the Guangxi hills caused by the plane crash.

Flight MU5735’s take-off time was 13:11 (Beijing Time) and was scheduled to land in Guangzhou at 15:05. As per the report of flight tracking sites, the plane remained in the air for more than an hour and it was about to reach its destination when it plummeted to the ground in Wuzhou, a forest and hilly area with mixed weather.

The reason for the crash is not obvious, it seems that it was not due to weather because at the time of the plane crash the weather was cloudy but visibility was good enough. The plane went down to the ground in almost 3 minutes for an altitude of thousands of meters.

In 2 minutes and 15 seconds cruising plane at an altitude of 29,100 came down to 9075 feet. The last information shown by the flight was on 14:22 at 3,225 feet.

The plane was 7 years old. The Boeing 737-800 has a good safety record. The China Civil Aviation Authority gives much importance to safety rules and regulations. This accident is now under solid investigation.

The investigators will try to find the black boxes of the plane. The black box is a data recorder that must be built-in in every air vehicle.

This makes the investigators access flight recorded data for the investigation if required. The black box is mostly bright-orange but not black originally. It is required to survive plane crashes. It gives useful information to avoid further accidents or air crashes.

It’s very sad news for all nations because of Humanity. Our condolences are with the relatives of those who died on board.

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