China will make arrangements for two countries’ students’ return

China will make arrangements for Pakistani students’ return: report

Studying in China hasn’t been possible for thousands of international students currently locked out of the country due to China’s zero-COVID policy, but things could soon be looking up for Pakistani students.

A joint statement released by China and Pakistan on Sunday said China will arrange for Pakistani students to return to China but did not give a timeline.

“Both sides noted with satisfaction robust cooperation between Pakistan and China in education (sic) sector, and committed to further enhance cooperation between the educational institutions of the two countries,” read the statement.

“Pakistan side highlighted that China has become a popular education destination. While ensuring safety against COVID-19, China will arrange for Pakistani students to return to China and resume classes in a prudent manner.”

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan recently concluded his four-day visit to China, where reports said he met with top Chinese leadership from political and business areas and attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

China prepared to resume travel with Singapore so students can return: minister

A Chinese ministers’ announcement that China is prepared to resume travel with Singapore and facilitate Singaporean students’ return to the country has sparked hope that students of other nationalities will soon follow. In the latest China update, Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a Facebook post:

“On the basis of effective COVID control, China is prepared to gradually resume two-way travel with Singapore and provide facilitation for Singaporean students to return to China for study. We hope our two sides will work together for the effective implementation of RCEP, and promote regional economic integration of a higher level.”

He did not say when Singaporean students could start returning.

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