Textile Merchandiser

H wear limited
Shanghai, China

About Company:
H Wear Limited established in the year of 2011 which focus on manufacturing and suppliyng various fabric to all the leading apparel and home textiles brands like GAPใ€Ann Taylorใ€andZara etc. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company currently has nearly 150 employees in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and overseas offices in South Asia, North America and other regionsใ€‚

Job Profile:
1. Bachelor degree or above
2. Proficient in English
3. Familiar with Office software
4. Good work ethic
5. Team player

Job Details:

1. Responsible for fabric development, inquiry and recheck between customers and suppliers
2. Follow up and maintain production schedule of bulk order, ensure product quality and delivery time
3. Coordinate with different parties to maintain the orders
4. Follow up the payment of customers
5. Communicated with customers and suppliers, dealt with various problems raised by customers, and maintained customer relations.
6. Report work to superior leader, complete and cooperate with other tasks assigned by superior leader.
7.keep company business secret


1. Be familiar with various fabrics and understand the general market price
2. Be familiar with and can complete the whole set of foreign trade process alone



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