When will China ease its border restrictions? FM replied

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s Regular Press Conference on November 11, 2021

BBC: Although the COVID-19 pandemic is not brought under control 100 percent, many countries, including the US, have eased border restrictions and issued tourist visas to foreign travelers. Do you have any comment on that and when will China ease its border restrictions on foreigners?

Wang Wenbin: Since the onset of COVID-19, by drawing on the practice of other countries and international customary practice, China has been adjusting its management measures on in-bound travelers in light of the changing epidemic situation in a science-based manner. The coronavirus is still spreading in many parts of the world with the emergence of many variants. China will continue taking prevention and control measures through scientific analysis in light of the evolving situation. On the basis of ensuring safety, China stands ready to work actively to foster healthy, safe and orderly personnel exchanges with other countries.

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