China may open the door a little bit to international students.

Some international students are desperate to return to China to resume their on-campus education, but it is still not clear when China’s borders will reopen.

One of my readers shared two notices from Duke Kunshan University and New York University Shanghai about the return of international students, and it seemed that their students may have big chance to enter Chinese mainland before next semester.

We have to admit that they are both forieng universities in China, not Chinese public universities, but I think it is like a pilot scheme, if it will work fine for them, then China may open the door a little wider to allow more international students to enter.


Information from Duke Kunshan University

Dear DKU students and parents,

We hope you are all safe and well, and we enjoyed connecting with families during the Family Weekend.

We would like to share with you what we feel is an encouraging development in our ongoing efforts to bring international students to China, for their on-campus experience at Duke Kunshan University.

The DKU leadership understands that China is now working on a detailed plan to facilitate international students’ safe entry to the Chinese mainland. Early indications suggest that this procedure, once finalized, will allow students to enter gradually in groups over time to ensure suitable and sufficient quarantine measures.

While we are eager to welcome international students to campus as soon as possible, we cannot say with certainty when authorities will initiate this procedure. However, we find this progress encouraging. As a result, we ask that international students begin to prepare the necessary visa application materials for entry to China, although they should not submit any documentation until they receive further notice from DKU.

We recognize that international students find themselves in different circumstances, in terms of their study plans and their ability to immediately return to China when entry is possible. If you would like to discuss your particular case, do not hesitate to contact International Student Services at [email protected].

In addition, and where available, we strongly urge students to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, if they have not already done so. While Chinese authorities have not stated that this will be a requirement for returning international students, we feel that receiving a vaccine is an appropriate precautionary measure for our students.

We encourage our community to stand ready to respond as quickly as possible when the government does introduce its policy and procedure to return international students.

Please be assured that the DKU leadership remains in constant communication with high-level Chinese authorities, as well as with the United States consulate in Shanghai and officials in the U.S., in order to stay informed on any potential policy changes that could affect our students and their families. We will provide you with further updates as we receive them.


DKU Senior Leadership


New York University Shanghai

We now believe with a high degree of confidence that your entry into China will be approved during the next three weeks, and that you will be able to take your classes in person in Shanghai next semeter.

Acoordingly, you shoud

work with your academic advisor and register for Shanghai classed during the registration period next month (unless you have previously been approved to study away) and

begin planning which flight you will be taking to China (you should not purchases the ticket until you receive the official approval). Please note that

it should be a direct flight to China, without connections, from the country where you are now located.

you will need to be fully vaccinated and have proof that more than two weeks have passed since then.

you should plan to come as soon as possible (to protect against the risk of a new COVID spike as we saw in many countries last winter), and

you should plan to have completed your 21-day quarantine period before the end of January

We are looking forward so much to seeing you in person here in Shanghai

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