What are 10 great reasons to go live in China?

1. It has probably the best cuisine in the world. You’ll find authentic Chinese food is nothing like the Chinese take-aways that you pay for 5 dollars and think it’s all it’s worth.

2. Most things are getting better, people stay hopeful. China is still on the track of rapid development, hence notable and continuous improvement of living standard. You’ll find life in generally is going towards a better version of itself day by day.

3. Business opportunities are everywhere. As China is still in transition, there are lots of demands need to be met, that allows extensive businesses to thrive. Also, the huge market itself is a generator of wealth and opportunities.

4. It is amazingly diverse and extensive in culture and geography. China would be one of the only few countries that possess so diverse landscape and cultures. It is a paradise if you are a true traveller.

5. It brings you into a neighborhood of popular destinations in the world. China situates in the middle of Russia, Japan, Korea, SEA, Middle Asia, South Asia, and have reasonably convenience access to these areas if you’d like to visit from here.

6. It has great historical legacy in terms of oriental philosophy. It is brilliant and benefiting so long as you are into it. Picture the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Terra Cotta Warriors…

7. Very good public safety. The major Chinese cities are the few big cities in the world where you can walk alone on the streets at midnight and not worrying too much about robbery, murder or rape. Expats are safer in this sense.

8. People are generally nice and helpful to expats, more so to Caucasians. But if you’re not, you can make it up by learning and speaking Chinese, it helps you win favors from locals pretty easily.

9. Shopping is easy. Not necessarily always cheap, but very easy. China has the most shopping malls in the world and the largest online shopping platforms that make your shopping experience efficient.

10. Just a different way of life. No other country in the world can offer you a lifestyle that China offers. It’ll be very unique experience.

It doesn’t mean you will have no concerns for living in China, and if you start another thread on that I’ll be happy to contribute too.

(Source: Quora, by Stephen Yan)

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