6 Foreigners Deported for Falsifying Work Visa Documents

6 foreign individuals and 2 Chinese citizens were arrested in Shanghai in connection with falsifying work visa application documents. The two Chinese citizens had opened a company and helped the arrested foreigners by providing them with invitation letters, employment contracts and certificates of employment.

The foreign nationals then used the forged documents to apply for work visa and residence permit, according to a notice posted by the National Immigration Administration (NIA).

Details of What Happened

A few days ago, while reviewing an unnamed foreign man’s work visa application documents, police in Shanghai found that he had previously applied for a work type residence permit at the immigration bureau twice.

While that is not a problem, but they also found that the declared work place and his actual work place declared on his application was not the same. This served as a cue for them to dig further into the case and they found five more people who declared the same work place but were not actually working there.

The police investigation revealed that two Chinese citizens, surnamed Shi and Kong, used their own company to provide letters of invitation, employment contracts and certificates of employment to assist foreigners secure work visas and work type residence permits so they can work illegally in China.

According to the National Immigration Administration notice, the six foreigners involved were deported after completing assigned punishment that was put forth by the public security bureau in Shanghai.

As for Shi and Kong, their case is still under investigation by the public security bureau.

If found guilty, they will be fined and sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment of not less than two years and not more than seven years, according to Article 318 of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China.

Reference: NIA

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