“Laundry detergent” milk tea goes viral, but netizens say…

In these years, in order to attract consumers, many food and beverage manufacturers, stores spend a lot of ideas.

Recently, a laundry detergent bottle-shaped milk tea has become popular online.

As its packaging meets the psychology of young people’s curiosity, this marketing model has also been copied by other businesses. Reporters found that there are similarly shaped milk tea products in Chongqing, Guangdong and other places, and some young people have also shared their reviews online.

It is reported that this special milk tea originated a restaurant in Nanjing, it launched a Thai milk tea products, 18 yuan a bucket (500ml).

However, some netizens have questioned whether it will mislead children.

Not all new ideas are worth promoting, innovation should also have a bottom line, the shape of the cool laundry detergent, maybe mislead children to drink real laundry detergent is good to drink.

What is your opinon?

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