Top 5 Reasons to learn Chinese and take the HSK exam

Top 5 Reasons why you have to learn Chinese and take the HSK exam

What is HSK test?

You may have heard millions of times about this HSK test. It is standing for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (汉语水平考试) meaning Chinese level test.

It was launched by Hanban, which is a kind of institution tightly link with the Ministry of education. The main goal here is to spread and better serve the Chinese language in the world. Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

For 30 years, this test has been taken over 100 billion times! Why not just passing it!

How does HSK test works?

You have 6 levels of the HSK that will test your Chinese language proficiency. The content of the test will depend on your level: Beginner, intermediate and advanced.

For example, level 1 to level 2 will be more focus on basic listening and read understanding. From the level 3 to the level 6, it will be advanced understanding of listening and reading with presentation and image description…etc.

Now that you have a better understanding of what is the HSK test, here let discover the 5 reasons why you should better pass your HSK test and learn Chinese.

1. In China, you have to speak Chinese.

If you are planning to go to China, you will have to know you have to speak mandarin. When you will go to order food or doing some daily activities, speaking Chinese is obviously a necessity. I know what you are thinking…”I have to learn a bit mandarin, but why do I have to pass HSK test?”

It is a way for you to force yourself to start to learn mandarin and to speak the right one! If you start to learn Chinese, you will know that depending on the accent that you will use, the understand meaning will be different.

2. The HSK is asked for foreign students who want study in Chinese Universities

Both students whose mother tongue is not the Official Chinese Language (Mandarin) but a Chinese dialect and foreign students are asked to take the HSK. Professionals also take this exam when they want to prove their Chinese proficiency to potential employers.

3. Showing to your employer your dedication to being in China and your respect for Chinese Culture.

It shows all efforts made to learn Chinese culture.

Learning one country’s language is a way to step up to its culture and to let them give the feeling that you are planning to immerse into the Chinese culture.

As most of the countries, each one has its own way of thinking and traditions are deeply rooted in china. So, showing interest in this culture is a way to win one more positive point during a job interview.

If you want to do business with Chinese people, you need to understand them and the first is to know how to speak mandarin.

4. So many foreign workers are expatriating in China. Wouldn’t you like to be the first on head-hunters’ list?

It shows a value added competence to your potential employer.

Being able to speak and read Chinese will be the “plus” skill which is more and more sought-after by Chinese employers and multinational groups.

They need foreign workers who are able to deal with Chinese businessmen in Confucius language. Passing HSK will be your VIP entry pass. Here, you will be able to show your skill and performance to the recruiter.

5. It is easier to learn Chinese

Nowadays, learning Chinese is easier than never, thanks to Chinese schools for foreigners in China. Some of them can provide Chinese lessons online and offline, one-on-one, or in small groups… and can help to prepare you for the HSK exam

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