Foreign students return to Shenzhen GTSI for fall semester

A GTSI staff member picking up arriving students at an airport in Shenzhen.

More than 150 students from Hongkong, Taiwan, Chinese mainland, and foreign countries such as India and the United States have returned to register for the upcoming semester at the Nanshan campus of Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute, Tianjin University.

The institute also announced that this year became the first for it to officially recruit students from around the world who joined its four master’s degree programs covering electrical and computer engineering, computer science, environmental engineering and analytics.

GTSI is a cooperative education institution by Tianjin University and Georgia Institute of Technology, the campus has the same standards as Georgia Tech in terms of admission procedures, curriculum and class design, evaluation mode and academic degree rules.

Wang Haoren, from Taipei, Taiwan Province, returned to the campus after working for HTC in Taipei for two years.

“Georgia Tech’s classes are of high quality. I am sure that they will be conducted in Shenzhen the same way as in the US. Shenzhen is also close to Taiwan, so I chose to study in GTSI,” he said.

This is also Wang’s first visit to Shenzhen in which he says the city has left a deep impressed on him.

“I hope to find a job in Shenzhen after graduation” he added.

Foreign students return to Shenzhen GTSI for fall semester


Alexander buddenbaum, from Texas, USA, posing for photos after registering at GTSI Nanshan campus on Saturday.

Alexander buddenbaum from Texas, USA, is also one of the new postgraduate students majoring in computer science joining GTSI this year.

Budenbaum said that he has adapted to the life of the city very quick and likes the good atmosphere of scientific and Technological Development in Shenzhen.

The institute plans to attract more students next year as it will offer one more master’s degree program in industrial design and a Ph.D. program for electrical and computer engineering.

Founded in 1885, Georgia Institute of technology is said to be one of the most research-intensive universities in the United States. Nearly 40,000 students study in person at its main campus in Atlanta, Georgia Tech-Lorraine in France, GTSI, as well as through distance and online learning.

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