35 teaching jobs in China (Aug 19, 2021)

35 teaching jobs in China (Aug 19, 2021)


(1) Kindly notice the local law and regulations about foreign teachers.(2) There is contact within each job.

1. Yiwu

Yiwu city need two female english teachers in two kindergartens.

15-20k per month.

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

2. Shanghai

Shanghai Middle school

Middle school Math,Science teachers needed.


Housing allowance: 3k or shared apartment.

18-22 classes/week.

Round trip airfare: Reimburse one way airfare after 1 month.

School takes care of visa fee

School will buy insurance for you.

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

3. Guangzhou

International kindergarten need English teachers who have teaching experience and qualified for work visa.

salary 18-25k depending on your teaching experience.

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

4. Xuzhou

Training center in Xuzhou, Jiangsu need non native speakers who has clearly pronunciation.

one day off on working days.

2:00-8:00 on working days.8:00-6:00 on weekends.

15-20k with accommodation.

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

5. Shanghai

International Kindergarten is looking for a full-time English English teachers

Salary starts from: 20,000 – 25,000 RMB per month (can be negotiable according to the teachers experience and skills)


Health insurance

3,000 RMB housing allowance

Visa fee reimbursement

2 meals a day at the kindergarten

Working hours: Monday to Friday. 08:00 – 12:00, 13:30-17:00

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

6. Shenzhen

1. Teaching time:24hours per week

2. Office hours:5 hours per week

3. Working Days per week: 5

4. Kids age:4-5years

5. Class size:4

6. Duration ofeach Class 45 mins


1. Bachelor Degree

2. More than 1 year Good Teaching experience

3. Could startwork as soon as possible


Salary:15000-25000RMB per month

Air fare allowance5000-8000RMB

house allowance2500RMB

commercial insurance

Working visa

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

7. Qingdao

Monday to Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, kids aged 3-6.

RMB 15-20k/month, free lunch and visa, 5000CNY annual travel allowance after one years contract, 2 weeks paid Winter/Summer holiday.

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

8. Shanghai

Kids training center is looking for experienced English teachers

Students’ age: 4 – 6 years old

Working hours: Mon – Fri, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm including lunch hours

Salary: 18,000 + RMB

Teaching materials provided

Chinese holidays off, 5 days off during Christmas, 5 more days off Chinese new year holiday

Overtime bonus, year – end bonus

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

9. Changsha

Full-Time International School English Teacher

Responsibility: Teach students aged from 12-18 years old in Middle School.

Detailed JD: 40 working hours from Monday to Friday.

Salary & Benefit: 20-30K per month(work visa, round flight tickets, medical insurance and accommodation)

Contact WeChat: 17368072845

10. Hohhot

Hohhot city, Inner Mongolia province, English training school full time job.

Schedule: 18 classes per week, 45 minutes a class

20hours office hours, two days off per week

Class size:6-8 students(Ages:0-6years old)

Salary: 16k+plus apartment, provide air ticket

Teachers requirement:

18-30years of age

Native or non Native European speaker, active, responsible and experienced teacher

Start time ASAP

Contact WeChat: 17368071902

11. Hangzhou

Full-Time Training Center Teacher

Responsibility: Teach six month old up to 6 children.

Detailed JD: 40 working hours a week, two days off.

Requirement: Bachelor Degree or above; Candidates with teaching experience would be preferred.

Salary & Benefit: 16K-25K per month(accommodation provided, working visa provided, flight ticket).

Contact WeChat: 17368072845

12. Wuxi

Brand Montessori kindergarten is looking for English teachers to start working asap


Bachelor or above

Outgoing, lively, love children.

Wworking experience in kindergarten is preferred.

Job Content

Working hours:Monday to Friday 4:00 AM to 5:30PM. Saturday and Sunday off

Student age:2-6 years old

Salary: 18-25k

Apartment and transport fee: 1000 monthly

Vacation:Chinese national holidays; summer and winter vacation for a week each.

Airline Subsidy:after 1 year

Assistant teacher:yes

Contact WeChat: 17368072844

13. Huizhou

Huizhou, Guangdong Province

Working Hours:

Wed-Fri: 2pm-9pm

Sat-Sun: 9:00am-6:30pm

Up to 40 working hours per week(including up to 25 hours of teaching and 15 hours of office hour.)


• TESOL/TEFL certified

• 1-2 years of working experience

• Experience teaching English to children age 3-12

• Professional attitude, passionate towards teaching, and good communication skills

• Sense of humor is a must


• 18k-25k RMB after tax per month

• Company sponsored working Z-visa

• Accidental insurance and medical insurance provided

• Company sponsored professional development and social events

• All Chinese national holidays plus 7 paid personal leave days/Annual leave(after completion of 1 year contract)

• Birthday parties for the employee

• Free access of Gym

• Monthly Spa gift card

• Holiday gifts

• Fun team buildings etc.

Contact WeChat: 17368072845

14. Nanjing

Kindergarten in Nanjing city is looking for English teachers to start asap.

Students age: 3 – 6 years old

Salary: 18 – 25k

Accommodation provided

Paid public holidays arranged by company

Teaching materials provided

Contact WeChat: 18036785489

15. Chengdu

English teacher needed in middle school teaching position

1.Teaching time: 25 hours per week

2. Office hours: 15 hours per week

3.Working Days per week:5 days

4.Students age: 11-14

5.Class size: 30-45 students


1.Salary:18-28k RMB per month

2.Airfare allowance:5000RMB

3.Apartment will be arranged by the school

4.Work visa

Contact WeChat: 18036785489

16. Huzhou

Kids training center in Huzhou is looking for English teachers to start asap.

Students age: 3 – 12 years old

Working hours: Mon Tue off, Wed-Sun 8 hours a day

Salary: 18000 RMB

Paid public holidays arranged by company

Teaching materials provided

Contact WeChat: 18036785489

17. Chongqing

A kindergarten looking for an English teacher

Teacher must speak English well, with bachelor degree.

Salary: negotiable

Housing provided

Working hour 25h/w

Assist to deal with visa

Contact WeChat: 18036785489

18. Changzhou

One kindergarten in Changzhou, Jiangsu province is looking for English teachers with great accent to start asap

Salary:18,000+ RMB/month; free accommodation

Students’ age: 2 – 6 years old

Working hours: 8:30 – 17:00 Mon – Fri

Contact WeChat: 18036785489

19. Wuhan

ESL TEACHERS WANTED IN Wuhan primary school


1.Bachelor’s degree;

2.A clear criminal background

3.for non-native, English or education major needed.and good accent preferred

20 h/w

Salary and benefits

*18000-25000 monthly according to the qualifications and experience.(native)

*5000RMB flight allowance on successful completion of contract.

*Chinese legal holiday

*Accommodation or allowance provided

Contact WeChat: 17368072844

20. Kunming

Kunming primary school looking for English Teacher

Monthly salary: 20000-33000rmb before tax

Bonus(monthly/semester/yearly): one month salary

Overtime allowance: 170rmb/period (35minutes/period)

Working time: Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday off;35minutes/class; 40 hours/week(20 teaching hours)

Monday to Friday 8am-5pm;

Student Grade: preschool–Grade 3

Student’s age: 6-9 years old ;

Class capacity: 24 students

teaching experience: At least have 6 months full time teaching experience

Diploma: Bachelor degree or above

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

21. Wenzhou

English teacher needed. Adults teaching position

1. Teaching time:25 hours per week

2. Office hours:15 hours per week

3. Working Days per week:5

4. Students age:10-50

5. Class size:4-8


1. Bachelor Degree

2. More than 2 year Good Teaching experience or with TEFL,TESOL

3. Could startwork as soon as possible


1. Salary:18000-24000 RMB per month

2. Airfare allowance:6000RMB After one year

3. House allowance 2000RMB

4. Work visa

Contact WeChat: 17368072844

22. Hangzhou


Working hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday

Class Size: 15 – 30 students

Salary: 18,000 – 25,000 CNY

Job responsibilities include:

1.Perform the leading teacher role within the class

2.Prepare weekly plan/daily plan according to the requirements

3.Teach students English during the English class, corner time, outdoor activities time etc..

4.Help children develop good personalities and habits

5. Help in organizing activities (e.g.Halloween party, Christmas party,etc.)with Chinese teachers

Qualification for English teachers:

1. English speakers with good accent

2. One-year teaching experience (minimum)

Previous teaching experience in kindergartens is desired.

TEFL/TESOL or equivalent is highly desired.

Experience teaching an ‘Inquiry based learning’ technique would be highly regarded.

Contact WeChat: 17368072844

23. Tianjin

Need a Full-time teacher in Tianjin kindergarten.

Job Description

Need to teach kids like 3-6 years old

Help with lesson plan

Work with the school for activities

Providing feedback back to managers



Provide single apartment


1. Must have a Bachelor degree

2. Have clear accent

3. Able to work one year

4. Teacher should not be above 45 years

5. Provide work visa

6.Have more than two years of work experience

7.There are winter holidays and summer holidays

Contact WeChat: 17368072844

24. Dalian

Brand training center in Dalian is looking for English teachersto start asap.

Requirements: BA ;TEFL/TESOL

Students’ age: 3 – 12 years old

Class size: less than 10-12 kids per class

Working hours: Wed to Sun ; two days off on weekdays

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week

Salary: 17k-25k / month

Other benefits:

Accomodation netioable


Teaching assistant

Air ticket reimbursement 6k after 1 year contract

Contract length: one or two years

Contact WeChat: 17368072844

25. Jinan

Foreign teacher wanted

Working hours: 8:00–5:00 from Monday to Friday

Full time/weekend part time(ESL class)

Salary: 18,000 CNY—22,000 CNY with accommodation

Starting date: ASAP

1. Bilingual class foreign English teacher

Job responsibilities include:

a. Perform the leading teacher role in the class

b. Prepare weekly plan, daily plan according to the requirement(have teaching books and materials)

c. Teach kids English during the English class, corner time, outdoor activities time, etc

d. Help kids develop good personalities and habits

e. Organize activities(e.g.Halloween party, Christmas party,etc.)with Chinese teachers

Qualification for English teachers:

a. English speakers with clear accent

b. One-year teaching experience, we can give you a short training to teach students

Contact WeChat: 17368072844

26. Harbin

High School Teacher Job Needed in Harbin


1.250000RMB salary per year(negotiable)

2.5000 RMB House-renting allowance

3.8000 RMB Tour allowance, and 2000 RMB House moving allowance

4. The contract bonus for tour could be 5-6% of salary

5.2-month holiday for Summer, and 3 weeks for Spring

6.Medical insurance

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

27. Xi’an

Looking for English teachers who can teach 5-15 students for a training center

Student’s age: 0-18 years old

Teachers are required to be experienced, responsible and loving kids

Working Time: work on the weekend,2 days off on workdays

Salary: 17k-25k/month after tax(It depends on the applicants’ quality and the length of employment )

Other benefits are negotiable.

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

28. Ningbo

We are looking for 20 experienced English teachers to teach for kindergartens in Ningbo

1. Housing will be provided.(Some schools offer house allowance)

2. The salary is 19000-26000(depends on teaching quality, experience)

3. The curriculum will be provided for you.

4. Teaching only 25-30 classes a week and have limited office hours.

5. Will start immediately

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

29. Shenyang

One training center in Shenyang, Liaoning province is looking for English teachers to start asap.

Male teachers preferred

Students’ age: 3 – 12 years old

Work hours: 35 – 40 hours on Wednesday to Sunday

Monday and Tuesday off

Salary and benefits: 18,000 – 25,000 RMB

Housing fee: 1,000 RMB

Teaching materials provided

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

30. Suzhou

Suzhou kids training school, salary is from 18k for non native, rest 1.5 days per week. 25+15 hours work load. small size class with Chinese assistant

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

31. Beijing

One chain training center in Beijing is looking for English teachers to start asap.

Students’ age: 3 – 12 years old

Working hours: Two days off on weekday

Salary: 17,000 – 22,000 RMB per month

Health insurance

Paid vacations

Work visa provided if qualified

Contact WeChat: 17368072845

32. Taiyuan

26+6hours work load per week, adults school

Looking for a foreign teacher with bachelor’s degree least, no less than 25 years old, nice looking appearance

Offer: 20k+2k(accommodation)

Main Task: 20 teaching hours per week plus 6 office hours.

Contact WeChat: 17368072845

33. Tianjin

Training school in Tianjin is looking for z visa qualified English teachers

Start as soon as possible

Students’ age: 3 – 6 years old

Teaching materials and tools are provided

Working hours: Mon – Fri 2:30-8:30 pm one day off; Weekends: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm or 11:30am – 8:30 pm one day off

Salary and benefits:

Salary: 18-28K RMB after tax! (including housing allowance)

6000 RMB air ticket allowance

500 RMB relocate allowance

Demo classes bonus

Standard medical insurance

Company tour + other company activities

Contact WeChat: 17368072845

34. Shanghai

Baoshan district, Shanghai needs a teacher at a kindergarten asap. kids 3-6years old. salary is 18-25k+house.

Contact WeChat: 17368072845

35. Chengdu

Fulltime training center jobs,more options-for non native speakers

It’s for an English training center focus on 3-12 years old kids.

Around 8-12 students in a group.

Provide all teaching materials and bilingual Teaching assistant

Monday and Tuesday are 2 days off.

Wednesday to Friday are from 1-8 pm

Saturday and Sunday are from 9 am-6 pm.

40 hours per week including 20-28 teaching hours.

Salary: 17,000-25,000/month,after-tax.

Provide working visa.

Contact WeChat: 17368072845

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