UAE Students Return, More Airlines Resume Flights to China, News of 4th, July, 2022


1. Airport Cancels Foreign’s Ticket as Aggressive Behavior

Sichuan Airlines canceled a foreign national’s air ticket from Qingdao, East China’s Shandong Province to Xi’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, on Saturday night after the traveler refused to comply with anti-epidemic requirements and acted aggressively toward airline staff, according to a notice posted by Qingdao International Airport on Sunday.

2. UAE Students Return, More Airlines Resume Flights to China

More airlines are resuming international flights to and from China, and it is likely that July will see the largest number of international flights since pandemic restrictions were placed on international air travel in early 2020.

3. Yellow River protection at heart of guideline

An outline on the protection and sustainable development of the Yellow River basin was released recently, ensuring the safe handling of one of China’s most important watercourses until the middle of the century.

4. Bringing on the summer tourism heat

This summer, it is just not temperatures that are expected to soar in China-domestic travel demand is expected to rebound from the monthslong impact of the resurgence of local COVID-19 cases.

5. Better education being provided for China’s ethnic groups

Specialized cultural and education policies have been implemented according to China’s 56 ethnic groups in order to fully protect people’s rights to education and to provide firm support for localized development, according to experts attending a recent symposium.

6. China’s digital economy more than quadruples in past decade

China’s digital economy logged rapid expansion in recent years, with its scale increasing from 11 trillion yuan (1.65 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2012 to over 45 trillion yuan in 2021, official data showed.
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