China Reduced Quarantine Time for Inbound Arrivals, News 29_06_22

1. China capable of coping with the unexpected in meeting growth target: economic planner

China is capable of coping with all kinds of unexpected changes to ensure healthy, sound and sustainable economic development, the country’s top economic planner said Tuesday.


2. China’s rural vitalization breathes new life into agriculture, villages

China has always put agriculture and rural areas high on the agenda of its economic work. Rural vitalization, proposed in 2017 as a key move to develop a modernized economy, has breathed new life into China’s agriculture and villages.

3. China: Efforts urged to stabilize employment

Premier Li Keqiang has urged efforts to stabilize employment amid the new downward pressure facing the nation’s economy, saying that policies and measures to stabilize economic growth should focus on ensuring the vitality of market players to enable them to stabilize employment.

4. Iran, Argentina’s applications to BRICS underscores pursuit of development, solidarity

Iran’s application to the BRICS mechanism, following a similar move by Argentina, is a move that Chinese analysts believe underscores the pursuit by developing and emerging countries of development not disturbance, of true multilateralism not ideological confrontations, and of solidarity not division.


5. Turkey greenlights Sweden, Finland’s NATO bid, internal conflicts remain

Turkey changed its position and agreed to support Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership applications on Tuesday during the ongoing NATO Summit in Madrid, while conflicts within the military bloc still remain.


6. China Reduced Quarantine Times to 7+ 3 Days for inbound Arrivals

China’s State Council has released guidelines that will reduce quarantine and at-home monitoring times for Covid across the board, as well as changes for risk area definitions, according to a report from CCTV News.


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