News_27_06_2022, China vows to open its door wider to world


1. China vows to open its door wider to world

China’s latest commitment to expanding high-level opening-up is expected to reassure foreign investors of the nation’s promise to relentlessly open its door wider and share development dividends with the rest of the world despite the rising tide of protectionism in some countries.


2. China’s sci-tech talent is becoming more youthful

CHANGSHA — The age structure of China’s science and technology workers has decreased over the past decade, according to a report released on Saturday.


3. Universal Beijing Resort reopens, booking numbers beating others

After suspension of nearly two months, Universal Beijing Resort resumed operations on Saturday, albeit at limited capacity.


4. Graduated from China, Young Man Honored Helping His Own Country

Hang Amatak is pleased to be able to help his homeland by applying the architectural skills he learned while attending college in China and working for Chinese businesses.


5. Beijing to Reopen Shools, Shanghai Declares Victory over COVID

Beijing on Saturday said primary and secondary schools will resume in-person classes and Shanghai’s top official declared victory over COVID-19 after the city reported zero new local cases for the first time in two months.


6. Top 10 Chinese metaverse firms with greatest potential

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