2nd batch of Thai students returned to China. News 26_06_2022


1. Events held to mark 25th anniversary of HK’s return to motherland

June 15, 2022 shows Chinese Kung Fu (Chinese martial arts) performance during an event under the theme of traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong, south China. The event is held by Hong Kong Island Women’s Association on Wednesday as part of celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland.

2. China to offer $7.5 million in emergency humanitarian aid to quake-hit Afghanistan

The Chinese government decided to provide 50 million yuan ($ 7.5 million) in emergency humanitarian aid including tents, sheets, convertible beds to quake-hit Afghanistan for those affected by the disaster, with the first shipment of aid to be transported to the country on Monday by charter flight

3. 2nd batch of Thai students returned to China 24th, June.

The second batch of Thai students have left for China 2 days ago, following the first group in February.

4. This week, students from different countries returned:

Pakistan : 91 students
Thailand : 140 students
Sri Lankha : 164 students
Some countries are also starting visa procedures

5. Afghan students returning to China:

Chinese side is ready to facilitate Afghan students return in 2 batches(before/after september) base on the Students list submitted to the Embassy.
And the cost is estimated to be around 3000-3500$(1500$ for flight ticket+1500$ for quaranteen)

6. Unconfirmed news: the direct flight beteen India and China began on July 26, and the flight dates are as follows:

July 26 – CZ3027/3028
Guangzhou (07:30) – Delhi (10:30)
DELHI (11:55) – Guangzhou (20:25)

August 10/24
September 7/21
October 5/9

There is also flight CZ359/360, which leaves in the afternoon.
Guangzhou (18:40) – Delhi (22:00)
DELHI (23:30) – Guangzhou (07:15 the next day)

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