2022 Wuhan Lotus Festival to open at June

The 2022 Wuhan Lotus Festival will be held between June 10 and July 10 this year. Citizens will be able to enjoy more than 600 types of pots of exquisite lotus flowers during that period.

This year’s main venue will be at Shahu Park. In addition to the lotus flower-themed exhibition, a 7,200-square-meter lotus flower-themed garden will be set up there, and will officially open to the public on the opening day of the festival.

There will also be five auxiliary venues — the Wuhan Botanical Garden, Yuehu Park, Tanghu Park, Jiangxia Fasi, and Xiaonanhu Park — as well as online exhibitions and several lotus appreciation spots within the city.

The first blooming lotus flower in Wuhan this summer was said to be on May 6, nearly half a month earlier than last year. The lotus flowers are expected to be in full bloom around mid or late June.

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