Two 14-year-old Teens Enrolled at Tsinghua University

What were you doing when you were 14 years old?

At that age, Cheng Dazhuo and Li Xuanyou are joining the prestigious Tsinghua University — a university in China that most people can only dream of attending.


Teens Enrolled at Tsinghua University

△ Cheng Dazhuo (left), Li Xuanyou (right)

And did we mention that Cheng Dazhuo is joining Tsinghua University doing a Double Major in Mathematics and Physics?

Cheng Dazhuo, 14, is from Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province. He is very fond of mathematics and physics. His classmates and teachers noticed his talent in understanding physics as soon as he joined junior high school.

In the second year of junior high school, he was selected to participate in a physics subject competition.

During the competition, he came to realize that there are more advanced mathematical concepts that overlap with physics concepts but are not necessarily taught at school.


Cheng Dazhuo

So, he decided to teach himself those advanced maths concepts and to be precise, the ones we learn at colleges and universities.

One of his teachers, Mr. Feng Tianfang, said that Cheng studies hard and plays hard. He added that Cheng was on the class’ sports team and plays the piano very well.


Teens Enrolled at Tsinghua University

△ Cheng Dazhuo helping a classmate solve problems encountered during a physics experiment


Teens Enrolled at Tsinghua University

△ Li Xuanyou

Li Xuanyou is adept at mathematics and is also excellent in all other subjects. He developed a habit of reading since childhood, he is also an outstanding writer.

In junior high, he actively participated in the high jump, long jump, and relay race, as well as served as the class’ lead singer in literary and artistic performances.

Well, their high school classmates are going to miss them badly, or not so, now that they are joining Tsinghua University.

Good luck to you two talented individuals.

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