Hubei Provincial Museum provides VR tour service

Looking forward to visiting the Hubei Provincial Museum but struggling to make a successful reservation? An alternative is now offered to avid museum visitors. By clicking on the buttons of their smart phones, visitors can enjoy a virtual tour of the museum and its best treasures such as the Chime Bells of Marquis Yi of Zeng and the Sword of Guojian, King of Yue.

Interested readers can log onto the WeChat account of the museum (“湖北省博物馆”), find the menu entry “Exhibition,” and view three VR tour routes — a tour about the extension of the Hubei Provincial Museum, one about the old museum, and a collective exhibition tour of Zeng State bronze vessels.

Each VR tour delivers a 720-degree panoramic viewing experience and allows visitors to zoom in for more details of the relics on display.

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